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RE: Sage Dreaming: Herbal Journals

Good ju ju!

I never knew about sage, of all things! I've heard of it as a potherb, of course, but not as a medicinal. I guess a lot of herbs are that way though :)


It has HUGE accolades in ALL cultures, and you must make the sage medicine vinegar for your herbal first aid kit. I also added a few lemon slices to keep it submerged and it smells great.

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Lemon and sage isn't just a tincture. That sounds like an awesome chicken marinade.

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Did you even read my post, lol. Anyway, put sage vinegar inside carcass of chook when you roast it. Makes it super tender. That's why people shove a lemon up it and roast it. And tasty. xx

I put the sage plant in the chicken enclosure because sage goes well with chook :P

I did lol you said a tablespoon, I'm thinking like a quart. Lol

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