Cannabis Root - Don't throw them out!!!

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Not too many people are doing this...I found out. I am allergic to THC so I have to figure out a way to get the benefits of cannabis without ANY thc being involved.

I have a friend who is a grower - I asked her to save me her roots. She looked at me kinda funny, but said "ok". I read up on the roots because I figured the root is where all the action is so it would make good medicine. I was right!

Cannabis roots are used for many things including inflamation, gout, arthritis... I am going to share all the info I found for you guys to peruse...

"While cannabis roots no doubt possess various useful and important medicinal properties, it is important to note that in high doses it can cause hepatotoxicity, due to the presence of the alkaloids pyrrolidine and piperidine. It is also reported that the alkaloid content can irritate the stomach lining; thus, oral consumption of hemp-root tea is potentially riskier than topical application. Pyrrolidine and piperidine can also act as irritants of the skin, mucous membranes and lungs. It is unlikely that the compounds are present in high enough concentrations to present serious risk, but care should be taken to avoid prolonged or heavy use."

Important Reading Material

What I have made:

Non-alcoholic tincture with Apple Cider Vinegar and Canna-Root Balm with Olive Oil and beeswax

I am taking the internal tincture only 3 drops a day to avoid the toxicity...

To make the tincture - I just put the root in a jar with vinegar for 6 weeks. Next time I will try vegetable glycerin. I have an allergy to alcohol so I can't use that - which is the best to use for tincturing - 100 proof grain alcohol would make the strongest tincture so do that if you can.

To make the balm - I used this recipe

Recently, I have had terrible Sciatica and so I have used Peppermint oil, vegetable glycerine and my canna root salve mixed together. It works really well.


Wow, talk about thinking outta the box! The roots are where it’s at!

I approve of this naturalheath posts.

Huh! I've been wondering about a totally-CBD salve for my dad, because he has arthritis but he isn't supposed to have anything with THC in it because he's literally tested at the doctor for any "illicit substances" (even tho pot is legal?) which includes THC for their purposes, because of one of his meds being a controlled substance. Regular store-bought creams and painkillers don't do it for his hands, but it was my understanding most CBD products have a little THC in them, even if just a trace amount. This is interesting to know!

In this case I guess it would be best to have the salve tested or the roots retested just to make absolutely sure as per the article I listed in the post. Also there is lab created cbd that has no thc but it’s very expensive-

Still probably should be tested because most people think that even if it has .0002% it would be fine in his case being monitored I would have it tested- I just used my intuition with no problems

I had sciatica, and was prescribed therapeutic massage. I quit driving for a living, try not to sit (I either stand or lay down), and after 6 weekly massages, the sciatica is gone, and has not come back for over ten years.

It also felt great. Even if it doesn't cure you, you'll be glad you did it. Try massage, by someone medically trained to fix sciatica. It worked for me.


Good idea thanks!!

Wow I did not know roots where also good! thanks for the information.

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oh wow - I did not know - thanks! I will probably write a more in depth post about roots...

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Excellent article.

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there is some infromation about harvesting and drying cannabis roots for medicinal extraction here

Very interesting I am going to start looking into this. Would have never thought to use the roots of the plant since most people just throw it away.

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