Natural Ways Of Improving Your Life In General With An Accent On The Corona Crisis

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During the last month I've been researching a lot of advice & methods how to improve the state of my body & mind.

First of all, I haven't been eating meat for around 11 years nor fish for about 7 years now - this is a very important step in your life to take for many reasons! For your own sake but also for the sake of other living beings & our Mother planet Earth!

But, maybe even more important now are these methods:

Wim Hof Breathing Method

This way you can "fight" viruses attacks! You can increase your lungs capacity & probably even renew some defects of your lungs too! By letting more oxygen coming in your body, you will definitely improve your immune system but also other systems too, like the nerve & the cardiovascular ones!

Wim Hof Cold Water Method

The connection between us humans & the Water element is very strong! So definitely we can improve ourselves by proper use of water in every aggregate state! Cold water or even ice is very healthy for us!

Autofagija - Conscious Fasting Method

This video is in Serbian so many Balkan people will understand it. I don't know the English word but try to research it by yourself on your mother tongue! It is a method of fasting which has been proposed by all the religions but if you're an atheist, you can now start believing in it cause this method is now scientifically proven! Your body burns out the unnecessary material, toxins & even cancer when you don't eat! In Russia & elsewhere, the special clinics exist where they successfully cure cancer using the method of conscious fasting! This will make your body fit for the upcoming summer & you will definitely save some money in this time of self-isolation!

Try to spend more time in your garden & plant fruits & vegetables, take Sun & breathe the fresh air. Go for a walk in the forest & by the sea every day! Staying in your house without the Sun & the fresh air is not good for you. But, it's still good that you don't come into contact with many people. We cannot stop the virus but we can definitely slow down the epidemic by not coming in contact with many people.

It is also good that you drink hot or warm herbal teas to break down the mucous membrane & not letting the viruses stay & develop further & not coming down into your lungs!

Except teas, use more garlic, ginger, lemon, cabbage, turmeric, chili & extra virgin oils in your diet!


I posted videos of others with short descriptions of my own because I believe that these videos are much better explanations of the methods & they are not so long to watch. In this self-isolation time you definitely have time to watch them & to research more about the methods!

Thanks for reading, reblogging, commenting & upvoting!

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@trucklife-family here, thanks so much for sharing this information with us all, you have included some great tips. I would love to know your experience with some of them as it is the personal stories that people really connect with.

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Would you like me to make a new post connected with this one but which would include only my personal experiences?

I always think a blend of research/tips AND personal experience makes for a more engaging post! @riverflows (ps great tips by the way. REcently watched a Wimhoff/Russell Brand interview. Great stuff!).

You're right. Well, I didn't implement all the knowledge yet but there is time & I like for the well-being info to circulate! Thanks for the support!