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RE: Bladdderwrack or Rockweed ◇ Can we eat seaweed sustainably?

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I use bladderwrack in my homemade face mask and skin serum because of the high iodine content and collagen building properties. We also use nori to make homemade sushi a few times a month, and my little seedlings love seaweed chips as an alternative to the highly processed, nutrient poor snacks out there. I have often wondered about if the average person could simply harvest and eat wild seaweed - good food for thought in your post 🌱


I think we can, there are people on it as we speak... very little info online thus far but thing are coming up. We pto a ly have to watch out for the water pollution factor, I think.

Check out this awesome interview on the subject:

Oh my goodness this podcast is SO good!! So informative about seaweed - who knew! Plus, the Wild Fed channel itself is FULL of knowledge. We drive a lot, so we listen to audio books a lot. I will now be adding this podcast to our listening list. Thanks! 🌱

If you like Wildfed you will also like Daniel Vitalis's older podcast series... rewild yourself.

I drive a lot too and have been listening to him along with Arthur Haines a lot these days. Super informative in the world of being healthy humans connected to nature again!

Oh great! Thank you so much. I will check this one out too 🌱