Hooray for laundry day!

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Bubbakins has been clingy, sensitive and super emotional lately and I think it's because she finally has a tooth coming through.

From what I can see and what charts indicate, it seems to be one of the bottom lateral incisors which is great but also a worry since the charts says the central ones are meant to come through first.. 🤦🏻‍♀️

She had a restless night last night and woke up grumpy early this morning which prompted me to finally buy an amber necklace for her. People keep recommending it and at this point I'm keen to give any natural remedy a go.

The only thing that worked for me today was the huge piles of laundry that needed folding.

It wasn't the frozen blueberries (which I'm hesitant to give her since they turn her poop black. I monitor her poop colour and cant do that with the blueberries.); or her toys, or any amount of cuddles and kisses that made her feel better. It was the laundry.

Is it too soon to teach her how to fold clothes?

She just LOVES clothes.

The look on her face when I dumped the basket's contents on the rug 😂. She immediately stopped whinging, crawled over and started rummaging through the pile.

Thank f. I did two loads of washing today which meant I had more clothes for her to go through in the afternoon.

It's been hard going lately. I feel drained and exhausted every day and her restless nights and grumpy days are really wearing me down.

I feel bad though because I know she's in pain herself and can't help the way she's being and I don't know what to do to help her. I wasn't woke with my eldest and I used bonjela which I don't want to use on Bella.

So far we've been going with organic teething biscuits, frozen berries, cold teethers, laundry day.... and I'm really hoping this amber necklace lives up to the hype.

I could really use some natural remedy recommendations. What do/did you guys use for your kids when they were teething?



Wow she hasn’t had a teeth yet? Amazing. My bubba turned 6 months and immediately within two days two teeth popped up and he gave me the worst sleep ever!! 45m-1 hourly wakings with demands to feed to sleep and be held until asleep! Was horrible! He didn’t let me touch his teeth gums or put cold towels on it etc.. 😵 hope the next time won’t be as bad!!

Ohh honey!!! Huge hugs to both of you!! Hope he's settled down now.

What do you use to help with his teething?

As I'm reading this Hubby's telling me Bella's got teeth 🤷🏻‍♀️

It did work that during the day he had some cold food, cold teethers and frozen washcloths, he loves chewing up teething rusks/biscuits as well.

All natural whiskey? 😉

I don’t know. No kiddos, but YAY for laundry. Who knew laundry could save the day?

Hang in there mama.

Haha whiskey 😁 Not 100% sure but I think that was used "back in the day"? It's still a better alternative to bonjela.

Thanks honey 🤗 Today's another day 😅

You're allowed to feel drained and tired and grumpy without feeling bad about it regardless of what else is going on around you and who else is feeling worse, just don't take it out on other people ;D

Did you manage to get some Brauer's Teething Relief or did that not work either?

At least you got the laundry done ;D

Ohh hun I take it out on food... sugar is getting me through this 😅🤦🏻‍♀️😅😅😅 Hubby's been very accommodating getting me sweets on the regular.

Nope havent gotten that. I'm gonna write it down so I don't forget again. 🤗

And yeh the laundry is getting done, I'm actually almost all caught up 🤦🏻‍♀️