The natural beauty of the Tawar sea

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Danau Laut Tawar pante menye Kampoeng Kala bintang, Bintang District, Central Aceh Regency is one of the most useful tourist attractions for everyone with Bukittinggi and beautiful natural atmosphere around the Tawar Sea. Lake Pante Menye makes history and culture and tradition always on its side. Laut Tawar provides an overview of the history and development of plants that live in the social environment, especially for agriculture and plantations as well as animal husbandry and all health, including visiting the Tawar Sea area, all of which are very amazing, making us rush into enjoying the natural beauty of the Danau Tawar Pante area. menge this.




Laut Tawar Danau pante menye Kampoeng Kala bintang, Bintang District, Central Aceh Regency, where you can see that there is a floating house in Laut Tawar. This is a place for tilapia fish breeding, this is one of the amazing socioeconomic conditions.



Enjoying the amazing natural beauty and always crowded with foreign tourists who come with family and work relatives or even to take photos of beautiful and high-resolution natural landscapes, it is very crowded with photography lovers who bring wedding photo packages in this place. the loveliest encounter with the good wishes of this place always in the maintenance of a healthy environment.



The atmosphere is peaceful and calm, especially with the atmosphere of a very cold universe on the fringes of this fresh sea, natural beauty and very prosperous agriculture in this area.



Enjoying the beauty of nature may always be a success that comes to this place






Herein lies a tourist attraction known to the world, and the efforts of all of us are always in our minds which is interestingly the historical terms that exist in this area are most widely used by historians, thank you for visiting. Hopefully this blog is useful for all of us

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