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Coral Hedgehog Fungi-A Nootropic?

Today's Gem is Hericium Coralloides (Comb Tooth or Coral Hedgehog), which I came across last Fall.

This beautiful specimen grows on hardwoods and only on dead or severely injured live trees, which are decaying in some form. The best part about these Gems is how easy they are to identify.

Hericium coralloides is edible when young and white, having a mild nutty flavor. When it begins to yellow, those areas will have a bitter taste. Needless to say, they should only be harvested when young to eat, but you don't need to be so picky if making a tincture.

It fruits in late summer through early fall and can keep through the winter if the season remains mild. I have not had the pleasure of consuming this mushroom myself and this is my first time stumbling across the species, so cannot describe the flavor personally for you.

I found this mushroom directly across the street from me, where there is an overflow lagoon, which is a Designated Wildlife Area. It was growing on a downed tree directly on the cut portion of it.

Unfortunately, I live in an Urban setting and this area is a popular illegal dump site. For this reason I did not harvest it and was turning anyway. The nice white portions were salvageable.

While the group Hericium are thought to help stimulate nerve growth, improve cognitive health and to treat Roundworm infestations, most of the testing has been done with Hericium Erinaceus(Lion's Mane) and not so much with this specific species. Tests are currently under way to see if it may contain an effective compound to treat Alzheimer's.

I hope you learned something useful from my article and if so please be kind and comment, vote and follow my channel for more.


Mycology is essential knowledge for everyone, whether you are a Prepper, Survivalist or simply someone wanting to liven up your menu at home with beneficial, nutritional, delicious, medicinal and free items not readily available in your average grocery store.

Being able to identify mushrooms is essential, because they grow everywhere, especially in your yard and at parks. It only takes a small nibble or a lick in some cases to be fatal, so parents and pet owner's please be aware and knowledgeable of what mushrooms and plants you encounter.

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