Rocks - Show Us Your California

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Hi friends,

This post is an entry into the Show Us Your California contest hosted by @thesocalhive where we show our California.

2020 has certainly been a wild year. I hope many of these things - masks, social distancing, outdoor dining, etc - are temporary but I do see people adapting and trying to make the most of things.

One example is the following: painted rocks.

(A boba drink??)


In many neighborhoods, kids or adults are painting rocks and hiding them throughout the area. Other kids are supposed to go out looking for them while they are on walks or exploring - their parents can take a picture of the rocks they find and post them on social media.

We have found a handful or rocks ourselves, but some people are really into it and go all out looking and hiding rocks.

Who would have thought rocks can be so fun? Only in 2020 right...

Thanks for coming by and seeing a little part of my California.



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