Please follow the rules

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Hello all friends on Hive Blog!

Today I got remind and down vote from @hivewatcher. He said that what I show you
screen short photo below see it👇


I did not know this policy before. That is why
I copied and paste from my Steemit accoumt what I did post. Because Myanmar typing font
changed from Zaw Gyi to Unicode So in future
I worry to lose my article and love story. That is why I did it like that.
Someone who doing like me.

Please stop

If you do not stop you can get down vote from


I give you information. Please take care and
follow the rules...

I am @myanmarkoko


Hi. Any post published on Steemit before Hive Hard Fork is also part of the Hive blockchain.
You are welcome to post the same content both on Hive and Steemit as long as your Steemit post was not published before Hard Fork.

Thanks your kindness.

အသစ်ကလေးတွေပဲ ရေးတင်တာ ကောင်းပါမယ်။

အဲ့တာ အကောင်းဆုံးပဲဗျာ...

Take care friends...
You should say or applogize that on discord if you get downvote in the next post.

If you post new articles in the next posts, it is better.

My next post they do not come.
Thanks my God...😘
I will never do like this.

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Thanks. I love Hive Blog.