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"This is my entry to the event sponsored by @derangedvisions: What are your goals for 2020? Win some Steem and CCC"

A brief introduction:

To plan life in the coming year, it's all about having goals and setting goals. In addition to a touch of luck it could be considered a correct planning, but at the same time predictive.

Making assumptions will always be subject to possible changes, transients that occur frequently in common life. However, there is a universal rule that applies to everyone.

I mean set goals, to be able to clearly organize what each of your aspirations are. Establish an order of priorities and finally put into practice the work to achieve them.

Remember that everything is achieved with effort, dedication and discipline.

My Job:

First of all, dedication to work. That is the primary resource that allows me to feed and support my family. by 2020 I must continue with enough enthusiasm to fulfill my work commitments and through that move my country forward. Which needs committed workers to collaborate with the productive apparatus and the economy. Thus, everything is paid, and what I do today in my work place I will see reflected in my future, my quality of life and the future next to my loved ones.


A united family is the key to living in society. I have fortified my family model, emphasizing the education of my daughters and collaboration in our nucleus. Among my goals, the personal improvement of each one of us stands out, the academic preparation and the spiritual side. Doing group activities is part of my plans for 2020. Planning a trip in the first week of the year, I am sure it will unite us even more and recharge our energies to continue our daily delivery as a family. I aspire to the highest performance in studies and integral growth as human beings. So I will be happy to start what 2020 is waiting for us.


Today, we realize that we have a parallel (virtual) life within the Steemit social media platform. Our user represents our qualified image within the ecosystem. We have friendships, reputation, responsibilities, income, savings, expenses, etc. All the same as in real life. It is something that is worth a lot, and we have to dedicate our space and time, our intelligence, our love, to this cause. My plans are to continue growing as a content creator, innovate more and more in my publications and try to obtain the greatest possible profit. Steemit.com expects the best of us and as long as we contribute to its growth by 2020, we will also guarantee our own growth.


Everything will be fine as long as we have a healthy body. Provided with energy, we are the machine equipped with intelligence that can do everything. It would only be enough that we get sick or that we have some physical impediment to see how we are delayed in our work. Maybe we could not study to have a professional training in accordance with our requirements, or perhaps, we would not perform enough in our jobs to guarantee our basic income. According to the above, by 2020 I have planned a series of activities that would help to keep my health stable. Starting with my balanced diet and moderate physical activity (exercises) that allow me to stay in shape. I also have to go to the ophthalmologist to check my vision, because I feel that staying so long in front of the PC monitor has affected me in some way. In general I hope that 2020 will be a healthy year, both for me and mine.


I cannot fail to mention my curriculum and professional development, which is something that I actively practice as a second religion. I think that the human being must be in constant growth and for this he must acquire new knowledge every time, which will allow him to obtain new tools to build his life. I will briefly tell you about my Postgraduate course, in "Steel structures", it is a specialization in the Civil engineering branch (My profession). For the month of January 2020, I begin to do this stage of professionalization, which will last two and a half years, is one of my biggest challenges for 2020. I consider that this proposed goal is related to everything mentioned above, since that the improvements may be notable in all other aspects of my life.

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