Day Three - Milk Challenge - Music Monday

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Three for Day Three

Every Monday @perceptualflaws puts out a Music Monday post, he talks about and showcases a single or multiple music selections and invites people to participate in the comments. He, like most of us has a pretty wide range of music taste, most of his selections I do enjoy for one aspect or another of the chosen piece/'s. Here is the link to this Mondays post of his:
A very nice instrumental to take the soul on a short vacation as you listen, read, or do what ever while listening.

On to the Milk Challenge. Today I have selected three pieces to share, (it is after all day 3 of the milk Challenge), for Music Monday. I have shared one of them before, and am not sure if I have shared the other two or not.

First: The Beautiful South - Old Red Eyes Is Back

When I first heard this song it was one I liked instantly. It was released in 1992, and I don't think there is a single song on the album I did not like on first listen. The Album: 0898 Beautiful South yep, just 0898 I have no clue or idea of why they named it that, I like music, but I am not a real digger when it comes to learning everything there is to know about a music group or singer. I just like to listen. I have shared one of there other tunes for sure and that was 36D, I may have shared more of them, just not sure.

Next: 10,000 Maniacs, I love the MTV unplugged Album, so many great songs, this one touched me when I first heard it. So many people just stand by and let shit happen.

10,000 Maniacs - What's the Matter Here?

One day society may change, people may change, and tolerance of things like this will end. That will be the day. They have a lot of happy songs on the Album, I still am not sure of who Jack Kerouac is, other than the subject of one of their songs, like I said above, I just like, I don't do much hunting.

Tomorrow, Wendy - Concrete Blonde (HQ) Lyrics

For once my interest did get to me and I did look up and learn the meaning, why, of the song. I first heard the song when I bought the Album "Bloodletting". I really don't think there is a single bad song on this Album I am not sure but this could be a first. This was their Third Album, there are Three names for songs:
  • First Track 3- Caroline
  • Ninth Track - Joey
  • Tenth Track - tomorrow, Wendy

I did not know what three songs I was going to pick for today's post, last night was when I had the post idea, while falling asleep. I also, (when deciding on the songs), did not put them in any sort of order at all, they just came to me to share. Choosing "tomorrow, Wendy" and putting it third was a simply because I had shared the song before on Steem Block Chain. I also, (until looking at the album), only just realized that there were three songs on their third album with people names in them, and this is day three of the milk challenge, and my third post. No real significance, just loved the coincidence of it all. I hope you all have a nice week ahead.

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I like Tomorrow Wendy the best... and love the name 'Concrete Blonde' for reasons unknown!?!?!?!

A Nice light post for the @milkandtators initiative :>)


lol, i can't watch any of your videos because of my region. But you did make me think of Concrete Blonde and Jonestown and Joey are two of my favorite songs from the 90's. I'll have to go look them up on my own!

I enjoy a lot of their tunes, when the region stuff started for YT that kind of sucked. Fortunately most regions have a song version that can be found in region. Just one of the nice things about steem block chain, I don't need to live in Africa, Russia, Spain, England, or anywhere else in the world to see what people choose to share about their home countries.

Recently one guy asked me if we are allowed to share youtube links in our steemit posts and I told him that's ok, but he didn't like that. It's really interesting how we can share videos of other people and earn from that. I mean in the end we are promoting those videos and that's good for them.

Almost all of the videos on YT have a share link choice, if the poster did not want the link shared they would not enable that option. Youtube does a pretty good job of removing Copyright infringed material, that is why so many people are p.o'ed at YT because of tiny for educational uses clips from news and music and other sites, so the account that uses inappropriate clips get struck and their vids removed. So if YT did not want them shared they would remove the share links.

A really nice and eclectic selection of music here my friend, 90's classics! Whilst I've heard both the Beautiful South and 10,000 maniacs song before .. I have to say that Concrete Blonde was my favourite! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the music @bashadow

Milk honey milk!!!

I am well on my way to possibly my second weekly posting badge, except for the time thing, so I might not make it, but still giving it a shot.