Untrodden Land (previously unreleased song) LIVE from Faerieworlds 2020 online festival

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This song is UNTRODDEN LAND (Live unedited from my studio at Faerieworlds 2020 Live from Home that took place Late August 2020). It's a song that will be in my 3rd illustrated album "Fear no More" (hope one day it will be a physical reality as it's an illustrated project) and it's about daring to move to uncharted territory. "Thoughts are boundless like the stars above your head" It's about breaking the barriers we build around ourselves and stepping forward out of safety with courage to find our path. Dare to explore all possibilities! I hope you find it inspiring and motivational and though this is not its official release but a live version I hope you'll hear the final full studio version of it soon enough.
I posted all about the event (before it took place on my previous post).

Thank you very much to @hedac for helping me film the video and editing it on OBS live .

By the way if you want to see all restreams of all the artists that performed on Faerieworlds, all 3 days are in https://portl.com/faerieworlds
Just in case you want to venture in this amazing online event this was the line up and I'm halfway the second day

They were three intense days full of known and friendly faces among the fellow performers, I am honoured to have been part of it. Profits were donated to Teen Cancer America and Nature Conservancy.

Find the ratty

Easter Egg: Pd. as always a rat is hidden in the video (in every video). Well you already know that if you know my account, there are always "fufunchis" hidden in the videos.


Did you know there are hidden rats in ALL my videos? of course even in this one :)

Untrodden Land (Lyrics)

Mother Earth (5).jpg

I couldn't remember what my stronghold was for
All that I could see was that fortress looming above
had been sealed with bolts and thorns
still wouldn't shelter
me forever
from the unknown
and one by one
all the barriers fall
so we can seek
far beyond these walls
to chase the light of the gliding sun
venturing into untrodden land
And once you wonder about what´s awaiting beyond
You know then you have already waited too long
Nothing holds you now
You're aware that your
thoughts are boundless
like the stars above your head
And one by one
unlock every door
lower the shields
that you need no more
open your mind
so you understand
you´re walking into
untrodden land

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The song is about a mermaid, so here is an image of the future video (still unfinished). But audio goes live tomorrow on Spotify, itunes and bandcamp.


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This is a truly lovely song! I really loved it!

And I saw the ratty!

Aw thanks, this one was easy as the video is an excerpt of a longer online concert and I had to place it afterwards :) I know it's more difficult when they are "integrated" in the video". Thanks for the listen and the feedback, I kind of miss the community interaction lately, so thanks for posting, and yay, you saw it, isn't she cute?

I had a rat, a white one I rescued, when I was a teen. So pet rats are cute.

Not so much the wild ones that infest my barn now...

well even wild ones are smart and can be tamed, not long ago I tamed one :) yes pet rats are cute :) and not less charming than little puppies. Mine are gone but this is my way to say they're always with me. Kind of sad, but also a homage to the love I hold for them until I have a new fur family

Oh Pris, that was soo magical! I got goosebumps right away when the song started!
About half way through the song, I started to get the smell of incense, and I haven't burned any incense in months...that's quite magical...

I am sorry for the late reply, and thanks so much for sharing such lovely feedback, I'm glad it stirred that urge to "clean" energy. thanks so much