Life and Decay (An eerie musical poem and video): My creepy spooky special for Halloween 2019

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So here it is our Spooky Special for Halloween 2019 and my new song (more a musical poem: Life and Decay
As I have been doing for the past few years I share an eerie special release. October is that moody month.. mist and fog, chilly air, leaves swirling down leaving naked branches... all the green colours of summer fading into the stark cold. As the song itself wants to portray... it's all a circle. And even when we are gone, we'll have a purpose.

Spooked already? Click here to watch!

This is a poem I wrote last week that has been put into music for this Halloween Special. As you know for the last few years I have done en "eerie one" during the Spooky Season. In this one I wanted to portray the importance of "Death" as an important part of Nature and in constant balance with Life. So yes, it's dark and eerie but also means that in Nature everything flows.

Last year I made a post about this eerie place "El Parque de los Desvelados" and all I had was this little idea for a song. I filmed part of the footage then but we filmed more to make a full video as you see it now. The song was done this October 2019 so it's also brand new.

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All that is gone
All that remains
All that decays
Into dust once again

Till Death do us part - by Priscilla Hernandez (

I didn't use these words per se but a couple of weeks ago I spontaneously wrote a full poem based on this idea. I used my former footage and new one to build a musical poem, and I've just shared it as a song. It's not really a fully structured song as it has no chorus, I'd say it's more a lullaby, yet an eerie one...

LIFE AND DECAY (Poem/Lyrics)

life and decay cover.jpg

All we held dear
is long time gone
All that we were
dust and pale bone
the place we lay
lost and forlorn
There's nothing left
no names to mourn
It never ends
Life and Decay

But once a year
when days are dim
and candles light
sinister grins
The veil is thin
The veil is torn
We rise and pray
to be reborn
We're bound to play
this endless game
Life and Decay

life and decay_banner.jpg

Let's play a game: FIND 3 RATS IN THE VIDEO!!

As always I hide one rat (My fufunchis) in most of my videos... But in this one there are 3!! Tuula, Ritva and Taika (all of them) make a cameo... they're well hidden! but let's see if you can find them! Are you up for the challenge? For that you may need to watch full screen. Tell me in the comments how many you can spot, maybe don't post the time signature so others can play ;-)

Kudos to @jayna and @vortac for finding ratties in previous ones :)


Halloween / Samhain is approaching

The veil is thin.... The veil is torn...!
Halloween (in my country Spain "la noche de todos los santos", "el día de los muertos" in Mexico). In Spain we don't dress in costumes or light "Jack o'Lanterns", people just take the day off to visit and remember their departed ones.

Samhain is the celebration of Samhain a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season halfway through Autumn between the Equinnox and Solstice. Now the dark half of the year beings. Days are short and dim. Nights long and cold.
But even the cold stark Winter is needed for seeds to re-awaken and grow and bloom next Spring...

All is Balance!

Dust to Dust
but until then...

Sequence 01 - by Priscilla Hernandez.gif

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Absolutely stunning as always Pris and Hedac!

Aw thank you so much @carrieallen

My god I love this! The music is so nice and spooky~

Dang @hedac! Some chilling footage there my man! And @yidneth, as usual, lovely voice. You'd make a good necromancer :P

Aw @enginewitty is it a wicked place :) @hedac has been teaching me to edit. It's indeed a wicked place, I think very fitting for the date, did you see the fufunchis rats? they're well hidden in the video LOL, kind of an easter egg LOL Thanks for the compliment :) I wanted to aknowledge the importance of death in Nature. We all flow endlessly, trees die, fungi decompose them, seeds grow from new soil... on and on and on

Ok I saw one for sure and think a second, but they pretty hidden so can't find all three :/

fufunchis are good at hiding but they're there :)

I started looking and then closed my eyes a few times so I could hear you singing LOL so I missed them, but will go back and try and see if I can find them :P I did notice a few takes of fauna growing from the dead. Did well hun :)

 last year 

what a wonderful scary treat! so haunting yet melodic.

id love to know how the skeletons in the video were made.

i couldnt find any rattys but my eyes suck with finding things lately.

Aw thank you very much for the review :), the skeletons are made of wire over wood, there is a link in the post to a previous post about this place, the artist was obsessed with death after losing a brother, he would constantly remake them as let them rot and sometimes sprout back again as bushes, now that he is dead the sculptures have just been "withering away" as he intended.


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Haha, Total Awesomeness! Happy Halloween!🍂🍁🎃
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Aw thank you very much for the encouraging word and further shout out... yes it is "this time of the year" right! Blessed Samhain! The veil is is getting thin!

El Parque de los Desvelados is the perfect setting for a Halloween production!

Nice to see you :)

It's such a curious place, there's a link to a blog post I already had shared time ago... have you ever been there? such a strange place, still I played to morph from one to others in different states of decay... was fun! did you see any ratty?

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