Ghosts are Gone (Another Tears for Fears Tribute music video) and a Ghost Story longing to belong

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You all know I'm both a ghost and a fairy... this shrouded black shadow me will be in a forthcoming video too but here is a little ghost story and a longing to belong, longing to belong. Maybe she's gone to another plane where she can exists fully.

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This is a tribute to Roland Orzábal solo work (previous upload was a tribute to Curt Smith solo work (previous post), member of Tears for Fears a band that was a MAJOR influence in my own music. I decided to pick one that I think it is not very known but deserved to be so, though probably TFF fans will recognize it right away. This is a cover of "Los Reyes Católicos" the closing credits of Tears for Fears album "Raoul and the Kings of Spain") but rewritten as a ghost story or a story of "A longing for a Home" As lyrics were slightly changed saying Queen instead of King here is the adaptation, though still in the mood of the original, but turned to a "yearning for a home" kind of vibe and longing that for a quite a while has personally "haunted" me. The cover has little to do in genre (even lyrics are slightly changed) but it's still a thank you note to the band as a fan. But also a way to convey the mood and turmoil of the recent difficult struggling times.

I have had the most terrible weeks and still gathering shards and pieces, it's private so I won't get into details, but it's been a TOUGH while and I wanted to convey part of that sadness and sorrow into something beautiful and spectral. Also something too spooky to share happened and my heart shattered a few pieces. In those times "ghost" me emerges, and this shrouded figure both in white and black appears recurrently in some of my videos. This was filmed a week and a half ago and edited just this week.


You know I also have a weak spot for abandoned places, and two weeks ago I hiked with Hector to his strange location, the Health Resort of Aribe, not used for over a century now. I think there is something so sad and melancholic about abandoned places, same as I said when I shared my song "Haunted", they're just "lonely" but for me they're very peaceful.


What is the most eerie or more melancholic place you've been in? Abandoned or not...


Ghosts are gone to another plane, maybe where and when they truly belong and can fully exist and BE

A home is like a castle
A place where a Queen can reign
Ghosts are Gone (Ghosts are Gone)
Ghosts are gone to another plane
When time is like a needle
and night is the longest day
A Home is a Cathedral
A place where a Queen can pray
Ghosts are gone (Ghosts are gone)
Ghosts are gone to another plane
A home is like a castle
A place where a Queen can reign


You may not gather the dots by my style but there are a lot of Tears for Fears references in my music and in fact you will find other TFF tributes in the channel to Curt and Roland both as a band and solo artists. My version dwells a different genre than the original but it's still a heartfelt fan tribute and "thank you note"And these small tributes are "thank you notes" to my influences. Even on my first album they had a thank you note written on the booklet and though I'm usually compared to musicians closer to my genre, they were a great influence and encouragement and I own all the albums. The original lyrics of this song would refer to a "King" and was part of the album of "Raoul and Kings of Spain" as "Los Reyes Católicos" but I've changed a bit the lyrics into Queen and into a "longing for a home" Ghost story. I think it was a little gem hidden in the album and didn't get much attention or love. But I always loved its haunting tone and I highly recommend you check the original one though my arrangements in this version difer greatly from the original.

Find the ratties! As always hidden ratties in the video

🐀🐀 FIND THE 2 RATTIES IN THE VIDEO: As in EVERY video I hide my "fufunchis". In this one you will find Tuula and Onnekas. Please let me know in the comments if you find them, do not spoil the game with time stamps. I can only say one is really easy, the other will require full screen HD thorough scout.

By the way if you liked this one, there are otherthree tributes to TEARS FOR FEARS in the channel

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© All arrangements in this version by Priscilla Hernandez. ( Original song composed by Roland Orzabal

Video filmed in Navarra, 2020. Edited by Priscilla Hernandez (YIDNETH) and Héctor Corcín @hedac.


I remembered to look for the ratties this time! Only saw the easy one though, and if the other one was that hard to find well I would have missed it as I only watched the tiny little embed ^_^;

sorry for the late reply, could you reply to this so I can cast a vote, thanks for being the one posting feedback, I'm kind of missing the "word" from others now around here.
The difficult one is along the house running but there 's a sad and recent story about her :( and I'm just happy she's there.

Seems like COVID and the shenanigans associated with it have gotten everyone into problems, it has been a bit quiet around parts.

I don’t even know what happened to the rat but as soon as you said sad I’m already sad 😭

It's something I can't even share on chain :( but she's gone :( I'm happy she's here though, Tuula is too, Tuula and Onnekas.