Blessed Lammas/ Lughnasadh (Harvest Day) and Fields of Gold COVER and video

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My own version of Fields of Gold by Sting

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During lockdown I saw these fields grow and turn green to gold until from my window without being able to walk among them, in many ways Spring 2020 came and went without me "touching" its vibrancy. But even if we are all living far from normal, Summer has brought again visits outdoors into the woods, and walks among fields of golds.
"Fields of Gold" is a song written and recorded by STING. It first appeared on his 1993 album Ten Summoner's Tales and it has become a folk classic since. I think it's one of the most beautiful songs he ever wrote along with Valparaiso. I share this version not only as a tribute to Sting (another of my walkman favourites when I grew up) but also as a celebration of Lammas/Lughnahsadh and all harvest festivals. Enjoy Summer my sweet followers!This is a time to harvest and be grateful to Mother Earth for all that it provides. Some of the traditions includes to bake something and eat and offer grains to Mother Earth and light a green candle. 1st of August or Lughnasadh marks the midpoint between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox and also the beginning of the harvest season, those "Summer Days" among the Fields of Gold, collecting berries and enjoying golden sunsets

Harvest Day Festivals

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Lammas is the Harvest festival taking place the 1st of August and celebrating the abundance of the harvest. It's nowadays both ar religious but also wiccan/pagan celebration. The first grains were offered to the gods (including Lugh hence the name) and also later a religious celebration with the offering in the local churched in each corner of the home for good fortune and to protect the stored, harvested grain.The tradition of eating and sharing the first grains of the season that started with Lughnasadh eventually spread to other similar festivals and in England, it transformed into the medieval festival known as Lammas day. Lughnasadh, or Lammas Day, is the first harvest festival of the year and a time when Wiccans celebrate an abundance of the season like a pagan thanksgiving. For Silja's Lughnasadh ritual, you'll need a candle, some food to offer and a feather. pd. Lammas Eve, 31 July, is the more significant because it was the day of Juliet's birth. How do you celebrate it in your country?

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Find the fufunchi

As it's usual in every video there are hidden 🐀🐀 FIND THE RAT IN THE VIDEO: As in EVERY video I hide my "fufunchis". In this one you will find RITVA Please let me know in the comments if you find them, do not spoil the game with time stamps.

Thank you @hedac for taking the photographies and helping me filming and editing the video :)


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Priscilla Hernandez_fields of gold (2).jpg


Your creationa are magical and so beautiful ❤❤❤

thank you so much, well the song is Sting's, I made the cover cos the fields of gold were looking back at me from the window, filmed just right in time they already harvested

¡Qué trabajo tan hermoso Pri! No sabía que estabas subiendo contenido en HIVE y toparme con esto es MAJESTUOSO ¡me encantó demasiado verte acá!

Sabes que creé un espacio dedicado 100% a los músicos de la plataforma, sin importar el idioma que hablen, para que saquemos a relucir nuestros trabajos musicales y quisiera que formaras parte e invitaras a todos los músicos o creadores musicales de la plataforma que conozcas.

El proyecto se llama #hivesicians y dejaré los detalles en el siguiente enlace: ¡Somos los músicos de HIVE, somos HIVESICIANS!.

¡Te esperamos con muchas ansias, pri! ¡Gracias por seguir creando cosas hermosas!

yo sigo subiendo, lo único que como siempre a mi ritmo super lento :)

I love to see your name appear on my feed. Our very own beautiful soul. I absolutely adored the video, it's totally sublime. One of my all time favourite songs but I just felt the tempo was a little quick in your cover. Slow it down and we would have more time to enjoy your voice!!
I hope you are safe and sane and not allowing your free spirit to feel too trapped during this lockdown :-)
Every happiness to you.

thank you, that is really sweet, I'm a slow poster but because I like to simmer things slowly. I've been told the tempo is fast in my cover, and I actually made a slower version first but it felt "dragged", thing is it's not faster than the original, just arranged differently but later female cover songs were slower. I did as it felt like to, still the song has a melancholic vibe, my only doubt is that some words are complicated to "gather" with so many harmonies and at such pace, but tempo is not faster than Sting's version, it's just an impression of the arrangements. But I've seen all female covers I've seen so far are way slowerl

I would love to hear you cover a Katie Melua track please! For me, your voice would be beautifully suited :-)

I was wondering how you'd go with this cover when I saw the title and damn you did it beautifully! Also I had a major bias because I like this song XD

Couldn't find the rattie though as Youtube was being stupid (it could have also been some mangulated embed code on this end) so could only play from the grid view which is kind of small.

Oh the rattie is really easy :) I don't know why it plays on the grid I just embedded the code as I usually do, but if you go to likely you'll see it full screen, still it's a rather obvious one, not difficult to spot this time. Well my channel is not devoted to covers and there is lots of original music on the way but I'm doing some covers of songs that meant to me as a child specially this year of having more time indoors

I've always loved this song, and as always, your cover and the photography was just beautiful!

Thank you so much, actually all the pics are still from the video, we forgot to take photographies but they're stills taken from the filming :), thanks for the listen, I'm really grateful to whoever also bothering to leave same comment on youtube as that way youtube will consider my channel to grow

That's a very beautiful and magical rendition of that song... I'm normally not big on covers, but that was great!

I usually write my own original music which is the one you'll find on Spotify as "Priscilla Hernandez" and most of the youtube channel as well. I do some covers from time to time, but they're not mainstream covers (maybe this one is more popular) but tend to be old fantasy movie soundtracks or geeky things I grew up with. So my channel is NOT a covers channels but I do covers (only of things that were significant for me) as influence. kinda tributes, usually shorter versions

Muy buenas fotos si lo hicieras en blanco y negro estaria fenomenal, gracias, te voto y te sigo.

Gracias, no se tratan de fotos, se trata de un videoclip musical, está al principio del post, y la canción es "campos de oro" ;-) así que creo que el blanco y negro no era opción en este caso por motivos obvios, espero que la escuches y te guste, está justo al principio del video con botón de play.

Lovely like always. :)

Thank you so much today it's Lammas/lughnahsadh harvest day so I thought it was fitting

Great photos, but NB the video's not working atm, says it's not available.

Strange! video opens me here and on YouTube ...

Oh that's odd! Maybe it's my area?

Hi, that's odd, video has NOT geographical restrictions, though the song is copyrighted to Sting the reason I host the videos on youtube is cos they have a system where you can wait until the copyright holder claims it, so they place an ad on your video, some of them then allow to "share revenue" from that add (which is the case in this one) so it's all "properly" done. It should play but sometimes youtube have some random errors on their servers, It works fine for me and apparently for others. Would you mind going to youtube directly?
It's last upload, I'm also grateful if you could leave a comment there as youtube takes feedback as a reason to boost the videos, but more because I'm curious to see if you have issues on their app directly or with this particular video.

Thank you :) yes so far only @revisesociology has reported the issue, but keeping an eye on it, the video has no restrictions as I'm on "sharing" on their add, I mean, the ad that plays on the video goes to the author of the song, and they share a little revenue with me.

It said the same thing on the modal post view (in peakd) but worked on the grid view.

Ah OK that's good to know, one to report to @peakd maybe??


thank you :)

Exelente trabajo, muy bueno el contraste del campo, te dejo mi voto y te sigo.