A tribute to Ennio Morricone: Saharan Dream (1928-2020) Good bye Maestro!

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Last 6th of July we lost one of the greatest film composers of all time, and this is my simple yet heartfelt good-bye note. I recorded it live on my keyboard and just added a bass flute and some backing vocals on a second take. So most of it is performed live and from memory, as It is the main theme of a series I loved as a child and still hummed the song to this day. But I wanted to delve in my nostalgia and sing it as I remembered it.
Good bye Maestro!
Do you like Ennio Morricone's music? what was your favourite score?

Here my take on "Saharan Dream"


Ooh to dream a dream or two.
Ooh and to believe in you.
Saharan winds to bring me wings to fly
so far away so far so high.
Saharan mystery
will charm the words
that mark the history
of wars and world
I'll cross the night
and come to you.
You'll take me to heights
beyond the blue,
the blue of a sweet Saharan dream.
Ooh so far across the dune
Ooh Saharan dream of you.

Priscilla Hernanez_ Saharan Dream.jpg

My take on "Saharan Dream" (voice/keyboard recorded LIVE) We lost famous film composer Ennio Morricone in July 2020 :( As you all know I grew up listening and collecting soundtracks which was a great influence in my music, and here goes one of the most iconic, so I felt like recording a little and almost improvised take on this song remember. Voice and keyboard recorded "live" Saharan Dream is the main theme of score for the 80s Sci-Fi adventures television mini series "Secret of the Sahara" that included an international cast starring Michael York and Andie MacDowell. The opening credits always haunted me and I loved the series as a child the music always stayed with me. So even if it's not the "most known" theme from Ennio Morricone I just performed this live and unedited on my keyboard and later on I added a low whistle to mimic the bass flute that I remember. I played it from memory, also as an exercise of playing it the "way I remembered the song" as a child. With this little and simple video I just wanted to say thank you and good bye. One of the main influences in my music is film music, and he was of the greatest. So humbly, thanks. And if you don't know the original series and music go and have a look. This is just a tribute.

Saharan Dream_low whistle.jpg

Find the rat (fufunchis)

🐀 As in EVERY video I hide my "fufunchis". In this one you will find Tuula Please let me know in the comments if you find them, do not spoil the game with time stamps. In this case it's very easy and only one so you cannot miss her this time.


Original theme composed by Ennio Morricone (1987)
Fan tribute by Priscilla Hernandez: Voice, keyboard, low whistle All footage from the desert in this video was cc00 licensed footage. I usually record my own outdoors videos but unfortunately I have never been into Sahara, though I was born in the Canary Islands and I remember the haze and sand coming from it.


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Beautiful! And I did find Tuula.

There are ratties in every video but not all are found, I thought this time she was easier to spot and I'm glad someone bothered to try :) haha :)
Tuula means "goddess of the wind" somehow very fitting with the song

Wow... what a beautiful perfonmance! I really like your voice and your skills with the instruments... Great job!
I love the quality of the video, Did you do it alone or did someone help you produce it?

I do like Ennio Morricone, one of my favourite songs of him is "The ecstacy of gold".

Thanks for sharing 🤗

I always produce my videos in collaboration with my partner @hedac We both work on the videos for my music, we usually film all our footage (going outdoors to landscapes) but of course I had not time to go to Sahara to do a tribute, so we set up a wind machine, smoke machine and lights, particles made of flour floating and overlayed to look like sand, and we worked in animating free licensed pictures to look like scenes. But we have videos that are more "worked" and usually footage is entirely our own in such cases going on true location.
One of our videos I particularly like still being old

Amazing! 😍 Thanks for sharing it with me. I liked it very much. 👍

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This was simply magical!

Thanks so much Amber :**

beautiful tribute to Ennio Morricone @yidneth , I recently was listening to his songs more than past, before he was dying, I loved the western works he had done and also projects like Regan's Theme and Malena, great soundtracks, and one of the western songs which I loved it from the time I was a kid I heard, it was called Mucchio Selvaggio. RIP Ennio Morricone <3

Well he scored for hundreds and hundreds of movies :) My brother used to love italodisco, and I had a taste for film music and darkwave and electropop, but we would always meet in the middle listening to morrricone. I didn't try to fill the shoes that were too big so here there two takes, first is voice and keyboard recorded LIVE (no edits) and second additional supporting choir and the bass flute and a wind sound, nothing else, sometimes less is more, cos it doesn't mean to compete with the poignancy of the original, thanks for listening. And rip. Ennio!

That's nice, Exactly, I agree, you did it great in the live record. :) I always love to listen to scores and soundtracks.

Wow! Amazing piece of music. I got goosebumps listening to this! ❤

I managed to miss the easy to spot ratti, I'm going to blame my headache xD

The problem with this age we're at is that stuff like this is going to become increasingly more common. I don't think I've ever heard the original to be able to compare your from memory version but I think that kind of cover is more unique and interesting than standard covers even with their own spins :)

I'm assuming I would like this person's music as it sounds like something I would probably like. I'm one of those heathens who just listens to stuff and doesn't always know what I'm listening to though ^_^;

oh My Ennio was one of the best of his generation, he made the score for over 500 movies :) so you have probably heard him not even being aware :)

the ratty is super easy, give it a try, LIKE EASY ! :)