Album review: Volbeat - Rewind, replay, rebound

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The Danish rockers from Volbeat have released their seventh album "Rewind, Replay, Rebound". I was looking forward to this album because it has been some time since they released new material. Listening to this album reminded me of Metallica way back just before "The black album". Metallica got a lot of criticism of their fans, they were getting way to commercial and mainstream. That was my first thought listening to this new Volbeat album at first. After hearing it a couple of times I do see some difference, when the songs progress the old Volbeat is comming back. so the first couple of songs aren't their best to me.

  1. Pelvis on Fire
    When I first heared this song it made me think of the song "Black and white" by Michael Jackson. So my first impression was that it wasn't a good song at all. It was more poppy then the material I was used to of Volbeat but after hearing it a couple of times is became a quiet catchy tune. I can imagine why they made it a single.

  2. Rewind the exit
    In this song Volbeat's vocalist sings a little more at ease then we are used of him. Overall I think the song is a bit to mainstream.

  3. Die to live
    this is a duet with Neil Fallon. It's a more rockabilly meets metal. I don't know why but it reminds me of Grease the movie :)

  4. When we were kids
    It's a slow starting song with a vocal style we aren't used of Michael Poulsen. Let put it this way, this song wouldn't made the record if I was the producer :)

  5. Sorry Sack of bones
    In this song you hear a bit of the old Volbeat comming back slowly in the album.

  6. Cloud 9
    This is for me one of the best songs of the album. Great guitarrifs, great building of the song to a climax. The vocals as we know them, harmonies in singing...

  7. Cheapside sloggers
    This song is almost the same as the song on Guitars and gangsters. Ofcourse it's their trademark, rockabilly with a metal twist. But I miss the variety in this song.

  8. Maybe I believe
    A awesome song if you ask me. Again, like cloud 9, great harmonics and combination of vocals and guitarrifs.

  9. Parasite
    A funny short song (37 seconds). A bit more punk rockabilly. To bad it won't last as long.

  10. Leviathan
    This was the first single of the album. I can imagine this song being played in November (when we see them live again). A lot of fireworks and lights... Will be awesome.

  11. The awakening of Bonnie Parker
    A good song, no more of less. :)

  12. The everlasting
    Here comes the metal and double bass. Greart song while driving, as long no one comes in the way :)

  13. 7:24
    This songs has a strong resemblense (I think) with a song of Sno Patrol
    (see yourself , the chorus

  14. Under the influence
    no comment, just again a good song. A little to less rock, but it has a great tune.

  15. Imortal but destructuable
    Great finale for the album. (the deluxe version got some extra demo's). I must admit the vocals overall are little to little variaty, but it is Volbeat, no doubt.

My overall opinion is that Volbeat has released a great album. I am sure they will lose some hardcore fans with it but on the other side they will receive a lot of new once... That's the thing with music. A lot of fans wold like you to keep on making the same music for decades, that is just impossible. Look at the stones to instance.

I definnetley will see myself rocking on the new songs in November in the Ziggodome in Holland, where Volbeat will perform.

Looking forwar to your opinion,

Have a great night,



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