Over 9 Environmental Songs in 10 years | The Greens’ 10th Anniversary

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Camer Green Music Competition

We have always had a passion for music as a tool to educate and engage people to take environmental action.
In 2010 at Mbiame, we created our first tree planting theme song titled “Planting the trees”.
It had just a few lines with a strong message and we will always sing this song whenever we are planting trees.

We are plaaaannnnnttttiiiinnnnng, planting the trees, we are planting
We are planting oh, planting the trees
We are plaaaannnnnttttiiiinnnnng, planting the trees, we are planting

In 2012, we met Awu, a Bamenda based artist who was passionate of our cause. Together, we started to develop our organizational theme song titiled Green Go Green
That same year, we received our pioneer international volunteers, Colby and Mallory. During our volunteers welcome party, Awu presented Green Go Green as well as other songs and this inspired Colby, together with whom we started to record some Afro-American hip-hops that inspires people to take action to make the world a better place.
During this period, we recorded Change the world and Paradigm but perfomed Green Go Green during our community service initiatives.

Colby and Awu

Enjoy Change the World

Prior to leaving back to the United States of America, Colby and Awu pledged to continue to use their voice to sing songs that inspire people to take action to make the world a better place. They decided to become The Greens’ Ambassadors and till date, they have continued to serve people and the planet via The Greens
Enjoy ** Paradigm**

Enjoy Green Go Green

Besides the aforementioned, The Greens has via the Green Music Program launched a series of Environmental Music Competitions as well as partnered in the implementation of Camer Green Music Competition organized by RCESD.
This event brought together over 30 Environemtnal Artists who shared their Green Music.
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The Greens has also featured in Melodeego’s fear is the weapon.

Other Environmental Songs by @thegreens include;

  1. Climate change by Adonis Linus
  2. Green Being Always by @mr-greens
  3. Green greetings by members of @thegreens, etc

The Greens' 10 Years Achievements

Below are some of our achievements after 10 years of service to people and the planet.

Enjoy our Poetic achievements here: https://steempeak.com/fundition-yoavoo0kn/@thegreens/over-50-environmental-poems-and-30-poetry-spoken-word-shows-in-10-years-or-the-greens-10th-anniversary-006
You can enjoy our ARTchievements here: https://steempeak.com/ecotrain/@thegreens/over-100-environmental-arts-and-thousands-of-young-people-engaged-in-arts-for-environment-or-the-greens-10th-anniversary-005
Learn more about our Radio Achievements here; https://steempeak.com/fundition-yoavoo0kn/@thegreens/over-500-environmental-radio-programs-in-10-years-or-the-greens-10th-anniversary-004
You can read our Tire Upcycling creativity here;https://steempeak.com/upfundition/@thegreens/we-ve-collected-and-upcycled-over-5000-tires-or-the-greens-10th-anniversary-003
You can read our 10 Years Environmental Education achievement here; https://steempeak.com/steemiteducation/@thegreens/we-ve-created-17-school-environmental-clubs-and-trained-over-500-000-students-in-local-and-global-environmental-issues-or-the?fbclid=iwar1w70lznjw__ztadfntdryhowixofht5ehfh1qdlf_6bgeye1isx_frylc
You can read our 10 Years Tree Planting accomplishment here; https://steempeak.com/ecotrain/@thegreens/we-ve-planted-over-three-million-trees-in-10-years-or-the-greens-10th-anniversary-001

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Support our fundraising campaign on @fundition (#fundition): https://fundition.io/#!/@thegreens/yoavoo0kn

Learn more about @thegreens' 10th Anniversary Celebration and support them here: https://steempeak.com/powerhousecreatives/@thegreens/celebrating-10-years-of-service-to-people-and-planet

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