Original song and music video "Message your friends"

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Greetings from lockdown London,

At the start of lockdown I was inspired to write down some thoughts about the upcoming lockdown and what I hoped to achieve, how tough it was going to be and most importantly what a big party it will be when it is over (or should I say when we can go to the bar).

Due to the extra time available these thoughts were able to manifest themselves into a song. At that moment I had my "eureka" moment and asked my friends on Instagram to send my clips. I would then edit these together and make a music video for the song.

Thus formed the trifecta of words, music and video. I hope you enjoy this isolation covid19 masterpiece and hope to visit you all when we can travel.

Song is available on Spotify and I could do with the stream so I can have that 1c Christmas present from streaming revenue.

Click the link below



What a great idea for a music video, fun 👏

Hey Julia, thanks hope your doing well

Congratulations on your OCD curation reward and mention within their Daily Blog... I really enjoyed your creative music video :>)

Thank you angryman , I will have to make some more

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