MUSIC DIY: Songs Inside Tetrahedroseph's album Mutation: Song 03 Quarantine Life Studio Sessions 1

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Song Details:

Tetrahedroseph Quarantine Life Studio Session 1Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 10.13.46 PM

"Quarantine Life Studio Sessions 1" is a song a 4/4 time signature and it's in the key of C major. 120 is a common tempo, but since we are in COVID -19 times and the theme here... 119 bpm is the tempo of this arrangement and the songs duration is 5 minus and twenty two seconds.

Tetrahedroseph Quarantine Life Studio Session 1Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 10.13.18 PM

Lots of lyrics in this song. Try to click here to see them:

Tetrahedroseph Quarantine Life Studio Sessions 1 Lyrics for CD JewelCase

A Vocal Trio For Hire

If I created a single for the song, the image below would be the cover.

Tetrahedroseph Quarantine Life Studio Sessions 1 Potential Album Cover Photo Sep 04, 4 18 23 PM

Imagine a fly on the wall in the vocal booth of this wacky recording session. This imaginary fly hears the singer's side comments as they experience this strange reggae music. This fly might also have HEADPHONES allowing it to hear the music and the wacky studio engineer (speaking near the end of the song, "I've got laser.").

Is it really the end?

Will they get paid?

Did someone forget to collect a deposit?

We shale see. Look for the next Tetrahedroseph album called "Mutate And Surge". (Pre order coming soon.)

Song Recording/Engineering Details:

Top of the project starts with the drums again. Two drum tracks power this song along. Our singer can't keep up and it does't stop for them. The engineer is uhh... don't know yet.

After the first two drums tracks we can see four bass tracks. The first bass track is a midi track I created and used during production. Later, I recoded a bass performance with my Fender Jazz Bass. Look, I'm a bass player and I still chopped it up. The tracks look like boxes/bass amps because I ran them through a bass amp emulator. These are just excessive ways to EQ and apply nice presets.

Big bass make headroom go bye bye during mixing.

Tetrahedroseph Quarantine Life Studio Session 1Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 10.14.16 PM

After the bass tracks in the image above, we can see "Soul Organ" tracks These are followed by lots of #TheBrokenYellowGuitar tracks. The first for are the Horse Race Track Mellody we always hear in reggae tunes, specifically this one here:

It's not the only song or artist to do it either.

I played the horse race melody on the string behind the bridge of the guitar. The bridge is at the bottom and it's a characteristic of vintage electric guitars. I've always loved making these stings work in music. Yes, I was a big fan of Fugazi and Sonic Youth. They do a lot with these strings too.

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Maybe someone else can explain the Kentucky Derby/Horse Race musical cameo intros in the various Trojan Records artists' songs. I know horse racing was big at the time, but could there be another reference I feel like I am missing?

Tetrahedroseph Quarantine Life Studio Session 1Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 10.14.33 PM

In the image above we see more tracks devoted to #TheBrokenYellowGuitar.

Below the guitar tracks (in the image above still) we can see the weird bass pans. In real life, they are blue and gold colored. Most Tenor pans I use are chrome. I've seen red spider pans... steel drums come in all varieties of colors and metal finished. Haven't seen a polished brass one yet. I've sold polished brass hand pans once. ANYWAY, the weird bass pans are loud and weird on "Quarantine Life Studio Sessions 1."

Recording TIP:

Keep your tracks labeled or risk being unorganized and overwhelmed if you revisit the project.

The next image shows four more weird bass pan tracks I talked about in the previous post. Traditional bass pan steel drums are as large as full sized oil drums. In my experience, SIX OIL DRUMS MAKE UP THE INSTRUMENT in a traditional band. It's crazy to lug around. You need a truck.

Checkout this guys truck full of bass steel drums and the essential stands in this video:

That talented guy made those! All of it except the truck and the building! DIY AF before it was cool!!!

The next image shows more bass pans tracks. Lots of edit required for this song. Under the bass pan tracks, we can see more of #TheBrokenYellowGuitar. These guitar parts are the BEEF! If I organized it correctly, these are the skanks and rhythms that drive the pulse.

Tetrahedroseph Quarantine Life Studio Session 1Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 10.14.52 PMThe next image shows the vocal tracks creeping in and it continues into the image below. It looks easy in the image below, but that is because the vocal tracks required lots of editing. Good singers make tracking and mixing easy. Unprepared singers with minimal talent and production mindset do not make things easier.

Those top three tracks are not empty. Those tracks are for part two of "Quarantine Life Studio Sessions 1", we can't see them yet. Tetrahedroseph Quarantine Life Studio Session 1Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 10.15.09 PM

This song felt like the most complicated to create. Vocals are like an entire music project on their own. The dog icons below are the spoken parts/dialog. That was hard to do too. Getting the performance of the voice actor to be smooth was an unexpected challenge. In theater, they call it blocking. I hope it sounds natural. It's all me... you that, right?

Tetrahedroseph Quarantine Life Studio Session 1Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 10.15.25 PM

I did all the vocal parts. Those voices are mine, but don't tell anyone yet.


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The album "Mutation" has new images for each song. For web users, If you click on the songs title, it will take you another screen where the individual track is featured.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tetrahedroseph-quarantine-life-studio-sessions-1-potential-album-cover-photo-sep-04-4-29-12-pm.jpg

The recently released song "Quarantine Life Studio Sessions 1" had a new image.

Did you listen all the way through?
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Want to stay updated and interact with an old weird guitar? Look for #TheBrokenYellowGuitar on twitter. Maybe you know where it's from or how old it is.

TheBrokenYellowGuitar Twitter Profile

I'm glad to have #TheBrokenYellowGuitar's help. My skank has improved a lot since it showed up again. Yes, again. Me and this guitar go back too. Not too far back, just the 90's. This guitar feels like lots of groovy stuff already happened with it way, way, way before I found it.

Take a look at it if you can. Just the details in the images above reveal a crazy magnet/guitar pickup. LMAO the first time i took this thing apart and realized that the pickup was simply a fancy magnet attached to the top of the guard. No coils, no posts, and no copper wire on this electric guitar's pickup. That would explain why I enjoyed running it through two distortion pedals while preforming with CHLORINE.

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