Introduction to singing: I want to learn to sing // N°1

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I want to learn to sing

Where to start?

I want to learn to sing, but I don't know where to start. Every time I listen to Andrea Bocelli, Pavarotti, Luis Miguel and others, I was completely stumped to see how talented they are at singing. That powerful, melodious, charismatic voice that transmits so much. What could I say about other singers like Freddie Mercury! Wow! It's amazing how some singers manage to create so much with something that looks so simple, like the voice. But is it really that simple to sing?

The most difficult instrument

In singing classes I was told that the most difficult instrument to play is the voice. They hint at many complex things like singing with the mask, using the resonators, placing the voice, using the diaphragm breathing, and other things that are difficult to understand. Maybe that's why. But no, the difficult thing is that it takes a long time to master sound production and sing like any famous singer. It is like going to the gym, it takes time and a lot of exercise to have the body you want. Well, singing isn't really that complicated; it is founded on three things: respiration, the speaking apparatus and the resonators. There is only one very important thing to remember, and for which this is considered to be the most difficult instrument, unlike any other instrument, the voice cannot be replaced or repaired. If a guitar breaks, it can be taken to a luthier for repair, or if a string breaks, it can be changed by buying a new one. With the voice it doesn't happen like that.



Singing is not just making our vocal cords sound. Breathing is the beginning, therefore, you have to find a way to learn to breathe. The correct way of breathing to sing requires that the lung be fully used and that the diaphragm be used. The diaphragm is a very thin muscle that divides the rib cage. The lungs are above it. When proper breathing is done, the muscle lowers the intestines by inhaling more air. Air travels through the vocal cords producing sound. And this one travels to the resonators. These are small hollow spaces located in the skull and chest, which allow to create a greater resonance of the sound. And so it is sung. Do you see that there is no complexity in singing? It is a very simple task. And for sure you will say: "I have never seen singing lessons and I can sing very well." It is true, there are people who sing beautifully without having to study singing. Said they. But others do not.

The imagination

Now after you understand and manage the process of producing the sound. I will tell you that to sing you lack a little thing, your imagination. Yes, singing requires a lot of imagination. Especially when you want to sing very high notes. You will hear a lot of the phrase "you have to imagine that ..." or you will hear one identical to this, but in a negative way. Imagine that you are in a class and you have to sing a very sharp Sun for yourself. The teacher arrives and tells you: “Do not imagine that you are climbing a ladder; imagine you are going down and bring your vocal cords back, while at the same time using the resonators of the head; you have to sing more with your head ”. Sure, it's simple, how can you not imagine something like that. The first you can imagine, being in a class, but the second?

Do you see that singing is easy? It is not complicated at all. The voice is a very simple instrument that you learn to play fast and in one class. So I want to learn to sing, and become like Pavarotti. Singing is definitely for anyone. So the world is full of Freddie Mercurys and Andrea Bocellis. And that doesn't matter to me, I want to continue my singing studies.