wav-Dr. | Bonnie Legion | Therese Lefebvre - Our Present State (Original Song)

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Original Song: Our Present State
Singer-Songwriter/Cover Art: Shavon "Bonnie Legion"
Producer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Bassist/Mixing-Mastering: wav-Dr.
Songwriter/Pianist: Therese Lefèbvre
Video Production & Editing: Bonnie Legion, wav-Dr., Therese Lefèbvre

This is Wav-Legion 3rd collaboration with Therese. We really enjoy working with Therese, she is so expressive and powerful on the piano and is an incredible partner for any project. Like our other collaborations with Therese, she starts us off with a beautiful piano piece to work on. wav-Dr. added a bass line and sent me the track to write and record lyric/vocals too, then he added in a beautiful guitar part to really embrace the feeling, and did the final mix and master of the track. Each of us recorded our video parts in our different countries, The United States, Canada, and Switzerland. Therese & wav-Dr. sent me their footage (Therese having edited her footage already very beautifully) and I put the footage together trying to create a cohesive feel with the visuals and the audio. It is such a powerful experience getting to create music with these two, everyone is soo feeling the zen of the music. These are professional musicians who are tremendously talented and it is a huge honor to get to work with them both. Writing to this type of music is very fluid and emotional for me. As soon as I hear the notes coming through my heart is spilling out the deep feelings and emotions I'm picking up in the sound. I very very much love this track and feel it is such a gift to be apart of this collaboration and to have it out here to share with all of you.

*We had decided to upload the video on each of our channels. Each video has a different cover art and a slightly different edit. I had noticed with the other edit uploads on Therese & wav-Dr. channel the video was coming through a little dark here on YouTube so I lightened this one up a bit more. I am still learning and growing with my visuals and edits, all techniques or tips are welcome as I continue on this visuals journey.

If you like this song be sure to check out the video as well on both wav-Dr. and Therese Lefèbvre's channels and leave some love for them.


Rush, Run
calm yourself beneath the sun
Dark, Days,
the stars were waiting here they come,

I suppose I love my scars cause they been with me longer
they stay with me longer

I suppose I'll watch the stars cause they been with us longer
they're watching from heavens gates

ohhh the mountains on fire,
ohhh the stones a falling choir

Look at our present state
Look at our present state

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