Brand New Music Video! Original Song - At Your Feet - Wav-Legion

in music •  10 months ago 

#singersongwriter #acoustic 

Original Song: At You Feet

Producer/Musician: wav-Dr. 

Singer-Songwriter: Shavon Bonnie Legion


I wanted to sit down and write you a letter

I wanted to sit down and talk to you face to face oh been forever

I wanted to tell you so many things

I could never bring myself to admit my wrongs and the time it stings

I wanted to swim out 

spend time at sea

there's always a shark out there where the land is rare and a heart that bleeds

I wanted to bring you something rare

find you a treasure so damn good can't crack like stone or burn like wood

All the way at your feet it lay

Bring it all the way at your feet it lay

I flew over canyons and fell under waves

I floated with dirty seeds couldn't plant their deeds

and I swam away

I ate the mountain but didn't drink the tea,

someone said there's a vine that grows make a dead man rose

and a blind man see

I fell into darkness so I could relate

didn't twist my arm wasn't devils charm 

was a million bruises for love not hate

I wanted to show you something rare

a glowing light that was so damn bright

couldn't hold no darkness or breathe no lie

All the way at your feet it lay

Bring it all the way at your feet it lay

all the way I will carry, I will carry

and I will bury all the pain I hold

All the way at your feet it lay

Bring it all the way at your feet it lay




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Great. As always great performance.

Love your vocals on this! Beautiful!! <3

I hear the raw energy and the music speaks as it moves. Thanks Bonnie @soundlegion. Wow!


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