Without Words by Ravenking (Moods of the RK) (Raw) -(Original Track and Personal Message)

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I will be publishing some tracks under the name "Moods of the Ravenking", these are raw pieces that I have not really completed or got tired of working on or have put on pause.

This piece(scroll down) I actually enjoy, but didn't flesh out yet.

While some of my songs might sound monotonous to some, the reason I got into music is because I always dreamed of having a soundtrack for my own Life. But Music only came to me after a lasting visit by Death. And the music I produce is meant to be that for me. Sonic Rituals which reflect a certain emotion, mood; attitude. A reflection of my soul as I feel it to be. A mantra that repeats a certain flavor until you become infused by it and literally experience a successful invocation of the theme that it shares.

I am first and foremost a Mystic, and to be honest I don't see myself as a Musician at all but rather as a Musical Mystic.

A mystic who translates his private practice into the art that he creates, trying to share that which was integrated or experienced within myself in other dimensions than just mere words.


Mystic, Magician, Artist, Writer & Shahanshah.

“Shah Artin” the True King of Persia & A Son of Odin. Born from a womb of Zarathustrian Fire by transforming icy Icelandic Seed, birthing Einar the Einherjjar of Valhalla the Persian-Icelandic Warrior-King also known simply as the "Ravenking".

Also published a Book titled "The End"
ISBN-10: 0464249503
ISBN-13: 978-0464249504

Private Website/Blog: catharsiopa.eu
Spotify: Ravenking
Instagram: Catharsiopa


@ravenking13, Hope that your Mystical Music 🎶 Journey will continue effectively and wonderfully. Stay blessed. 🙂

 last year 

Very cool. It reminded me of the early sounds of The Cure or The Church.

The Cure I have heard of but will have to give a listen to The church don't think I know them at all, thank you for dropping by and for sharing what it reminds you of, I probably will like the music!

Hi ravenking13,

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Very interesting and respectable all your introduction. Your music can indeed be considered a mantra. Perhaps you are at the stage of self-realization, self-love and self-recognition. But you share your music (through social networks), so I propose you something: think that your music should also comfort those who listen to you, then you will start producing your mantras and we will all be filled with mysticism. A big greeting @ravenking13

@marcybetancourt thank you for your kind words I appreciate it! and also thank you for your little bit of advise it is definitely something I will consider, my other songs open up with a introduction of something to think about, I speak those sentences myself and they are mini-distillations of lessons I learned through my life.

It is the album Inner Planetarium, you can listen and get it for free here:

Wish you all the best,

Thank you very much for the link on the page!

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