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I would think most of what you bring forward is quite common sense for musicians when they want to grow a professional career and earn money from their music. But I suppose its not. Thats why most of artists have managers I suppose :) And those who don't, I see them struggling most of the time. Like here on HIVE, I see some good artists, but sometimes wondering about the little effort they take to present themselves and their work. Some even producing more to try and get more rewards, while I think one shall be producing less but spend more time in marketing.


Marketing doesn't come naturally to most people unfortunately and it is something that has to be learned. It does depend on what your goals are though and if you're unhappy where you are, what can you do to move to where you want to be? If you're happy where you are then carry on developing that place you're at and make it you're own.

Marketing certainly doesn't come naturally. We've recently published a "Music Release Schedule' article on our blog: which deals with this subject.

Thanks for sharing, I'll have a look at that too 😃

Agree with you. One of my artist/producer friends is not in marketing at all, but slowely is stepping into it, helped by his booker and a service provided by his booker, someone who manages his social media.

Yeah it's really hard to do all that stuff yourself and getting someone to help out with social media might be the way to go for me. There's so much to consider that musicians really just want to focus on the music side of things and that's it!

Most of my friends creating music, get others to do all the business activities. First of, since most of them don't want to do any business, don't have the skills for it. Those who do, are actually making less music, but doing very well still because of their business instinct get them the right deals where they can present their music.

Yes @qsounds, you would say so ... On the other hand, there's so much going on nowadays for indie artists, that it's really hard to keep track of all latest developments and have game plans for everything. A release schedule is key, so you know where to focus on, warm up your (potential) fans, run ads (the proper way) etc. etc. You're also right about artists releasing stuff, just to release something. Especially now with COVID-19 I experienced a surge in submissions, many home recordings, promising to be the next big thing you MUST hear. Euh, no thank you. Cheers!

promising to be the next big thing you MUST hear. Euh, no thank you

Hahaha indeed. Have a few highly professional artists in my friends circles, and I know they get approached a lot with whatever promo some user is trying to get listened to or supported. Lots and lots of crap is what I usually hear they send. And even, when the track sounds pretty ok, in the big pile of all new releases, a pretty ok track doesn't do it since many are absolute killers.