Fallen (original song by @philodendron)

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We have a bit of doom for you today!
A new song called "Fallen".
It's melancholic and heavy,
just as life can be when one glimpses in the troubled waters of our hearts.

Nous avons un peu de doom pour vous aujourd'hui!
Cette nouvelle chanson intitulée "Fallen"
est imprégnée de mélancolie et feel très pesante.
Comme peut l'être la vie lorsqu'on plonge notre regard
dans les eaux troubles de notre coeur.

The more I have known
The more I have fallen
It was just too much to bear

Are we too late now
Although we gave it all
We were swept away

Are we this blind
To disappear,
And call for our ashes..
To come...

One night again,
It came for one of us...
The doom inside, the doom inside...

One day again I fell
And the rain falleth in curtains
And the rivers floweth
Gathering the tears
Fallen from my eyes

One night again , it came for one of us...
The doom inside...

link: https://choon.co/tracks/0ok3hpgzh5t/fallen/

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Magnifique ! Très belle prestation musicale ! Upvoté à 100% !

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