Guitar diagram and guitar parts names

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Here you will find a guitar diagram and guitar parts names for both acoustic and an electric guitars. As part of the overall introduction to playing the guitar it is important to know the names of the various parts of the instrument you are learning to play.
This is an overview of the anatomy of the guitar and seeks to explain what each part of the guitar does.
Each part is listed below.

Acoustic guitar parts names list.
Guitar headstock
Guitar nut
Guita tuners/machine heads
Guitar Fretboard
Guitar Frets
Guitar Octave dots and squares
Guitar strings
Guitar Rosette (decorative features)
Guitar Soundhole
Guitar Saddle
Guitar soundboard
Guitar Pickguard/scratchplate
Guitar Body
Guitar Bridge
Guitar Saddle
Guitar String pegs
Guita Strap button

Additional electric guitar parts names list

Truss rod cover ( acoustic guitars also have truss rods often accessed inside the body)
Tone selector/pick up switch
Humbucker pickups
Volume controls
Tone controls
Amp jack socket

Screen capture the diagrams at the end of the video for future reference.

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Have an arrow pointing to the back labeled buckle rash.

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