Barre chords of the guitar

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Playing barre chords on the guitar can seem a little dauntling for beginners but as you will see in this video there is a very simple way to get into playing all along the fretboard with a small change to the way you play the major and minor chords that you have learned in the previous videos.

If barre chords hurt when you play them then you are probably playing them wrong or to much. This method will show you how to play without difficulty and you will learn a lot of playing options for lead and riffs on the guitar.

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I play barre chords all the time, but some people I know who have just been playing a few years seem to avoid them. It's not just about playing different chords as you also get more control to mute strings. With that A shape I probably end up muting the top string with my third finger, but it generally sounds okay. It does take some time to build the strength to play some of these chords.

I do need to learn more chord shapes. I've been playing some Django-style gypsy jazz and he could not play conventional chords due to his damaged fingers. There are alternatives that can be easier than a barre. I am also using the C7 shape up the neck which I did not use so much before. It allows playing the 1 4 5 progression all in one position.

Hi Steve, yep the C7 is great for playing up and down the fretboard.
Django was a very innovative player due to his only having two fingers on his left hand.
I think he had to learn the guitar all over again?

Your cover of the Cantina theme from Star Wars has attracted the attention of the copyright holders but interestingly they have not given it a copyright strike 😱 rather they have made a copyright claim on it!
They must have enjoyed your rendition of it? 🎸👍 🌟😋

Django overcame adversity, which is some inspiration for me with my hand issues.

I have only had one strike on Youtube for a Supertramp cover. I have had warnings on others. This makes me less inclined to post covers there.

I know what you mean. It's a slippery place and the copyright claims seem to be completely random?

Django overcame adversity, which is some inspiration for me with my hand issues.

When I watch you play you do play so well. No one would suspect that you have issues with your hand. 🎸👍

I think some companies look out for certain songs for artists they represent

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