The 7 minor guitar chords and 7 notes you need to know for beginners

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These are The 7 minor guitar chords and 7 notes you need to know for beginners in order to play literally 1,000's of songs. These are the 7 minor chords in the open position with a couple of barre chords included.
Each of these chords will sound interesting and different played in just about any order.
The minor chords are often called the sad or moody chords as they are playing with the idea of disonance or slightly off tone sounding and needing to resolve from one chord to another tonally satisfying chord.
Alone the minor chords seem incomplete or unfinished and create a feeling of sadness, tension or longing in the listener. The feeling that the chord needs to be resolved.

As mentioned before music has it's own alphabet from A to G and it all starts with combining these 7 minor chords with the 7 major chords we saw in the last video. Mixing the major and minor chords gives you a lot of emotional scope with your playing.
We start at the very beginning with the A minor chord and work through to the G minor chord. Each of the chords is timestamped below for easy access.

A minor chord 0:39
B minor chord 0:57
C minor chord 1:05
D minor chord 1:11
E minor chord 1:20
F minor chord 1:26
G minor chord 1:31

Alternate finger non barred positions
1:45 C minor chord
1:50 F minor chord
1:55 G minor chord

Try these simple chord progressions in G D with an A minor 2:25

Finding your first 7 notes ( ABCDEFG) on the fretboard. 03:03

As you work your way through these chords try playing around with just a couple of major chords with a minor chord and see what you can find that work well together. You are on your way to writing a song.

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Thank you Paul, I'm enjoying making these lessons.

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