My mind blown moment in Chicago

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When you learn something new on your guitar it can be a mind blown moment. When you suddenly realise that you have just opened up whole new pathways in your learning and potential for aquiring new skills.
I was on a trip across America and I met an old gentleman in Chicago in an elevator up to the top of the Sears Tower.

In those few short minutes he gave me a scrap of paper with some chords written on it. It changed the way I looked at and played the guitar from that moment on.

Truly a Mind blown moment.

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Okay folks just to clarify. I've posted two videos tonight back to back as they are closely tied together content wise. I haven't gone nuts just yet lol.

Hope you enjoy them both.

hahahaha It is understood

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Hello Hello!

It shows that you are qualified and you like what you do, you deserve more recognition than you think

Greetings from Venezuela

Thank you, I do enjoy my guitar playing.👍🎸

hi dear @molometer, great post !! it's wonderful that you met your magical person !! I'm still waiting :-)) congratulations on your music and your curie rating :-)) all the best for you

I've met quite a few wonderful people on my journey and still meet new people that inspire me.

You could have been one of the Kids from Fame! Still not too late to rock and roll.

Painful to hear that it's had a couple of breaks. My Taylor has some scars already, but nothing serious.

It's never

too late to rock and roll.

Ask Keith Richards lol

Well Keef started young. My dad started guitar in his late 70s. I hope I have a good few years of playing yet. I may even get good at it eventually.

That's another great thing about music in general. There is no age limit.
Props to your Dad. Very cool indeed.🎸👍😋

My son works on the same block in Chicago as the Sears tower. Great story!

Wow what a small world it truly is? I hear it has a new name now?

Wow what a small world
It truly is? I hear it
Has a new name now?

                 - molometer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I'm a natural poet 😂😂👍

It is now called Willis Tower. Insurance broker Willis Group Holdings leased the naming rights , but I will probably always forget and call it the Sears Tower!

Yep in my mind it wills always be the Sears Tower.

What is it with these companies? Changing the name of such an iconic building with it's history and all?

It is very true what you say. Sometimes when we get new methods our vision changes. In music something similar must happen. Thank you for sharing this experience. A cordial greeting @molometer

We are all on a journey and some things make us decide to change direction. These are crossroads in our lives. You must be experiencing some weird stuff in your part of the world.