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This is the first guitar lesson for beginners. You will learn how to hold the guitar and the differences between various types of guitar. The note names and numbers of each of the guitar strings. You will then learn how to tune a guitar by ear.

The advantage of tuning your guitar by ear is that you will also be training your ears at the same time. This is an often overlooked skill that you need for any form of music making.

Tuning by ear can help you to locate and understand where the various tones are on the fretboard.

There is a time and place for using electronic tuners but not when you are learning to play the guitar. Using an electronic tuner is depriving you of leanring a valuable skill and what do you do when the technology fails?

Quick links:
Types of guitar 0:40
How to hold your guitar 3:36
Guitar string numbers and note names 5:20
A simple way to tune your guitar by ear 7:40

Gear used in this video:
Kay G101 acoustic travelling guitar
Takamine G240 Dreadnought acoustic guitar model number 5966
Harley Benton SC 450 CB classic series electric guitar

Canon 70 D camera
Takstar microphone

Guitar string numbers and note names
E – 6 th string
A – 5 th string
D – 4 th string
G – 3 rd string
B – 2 nd string
E – 1 st string

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Thanks for making this video. Brings back memories of when I first started learning. Back then all I had to tune the guitar was a tuning fork in the key of A. You would have to ding the fork then place it on the body of the guitar to hear the tone ring out.

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I recall the old tuning forks. My how things have changed?
Could you imagine giving a tuning fork to a kid these days?.😂👍🎸

Great job! Pleasant and high quality video!

Thanks Gulia, glad you enjoyed it. Nice to see you here👍😋🎸