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RE: Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu: Reimagining an old traditional Finnish Lullaby, Video, First Snow and more!

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Wow! This video blew me away!

Loved the arrangement. Your pronunciation was perfectly adequate.


Thank you so much, was a bit worried. As I am not native and I do not speak Finnish. I tried my best but aware some of my pronunciation may be a bit off, still it was done out of respect. I usually write my own originals but I also love to pay homage to old traditionals all throughout the world. I have two kanteles and a jouhikko and my ratties had all Finn names (they are the easter egg in the video). I also love old Karelian songs. Thank you for listening 💕

Thank you for listening 💕

My pleasure. Couldn't stop. The arrangement really shines in the middle of the song. It's the polyphony.

Aw thanks so much, because the original song is meant to be a lullaby I tried not to be too busy. I sometimes overproduce my own original songs but I wanted to remain intimate though ethereal. I kept the rain noise the camera captured at the beginning and end, and then it's pretty much my voice layered in choirs, kantele, harp and the low whistle flute. As foreign when covering another country traditional even if it's with best intentions you are afraid to mess up, so it's heartwarming I've got a few Finn encouraging me to research more of their heritage. Best regards and have a good day :)

Yes, I really liked it. I think you succeeded in making it intimate but ethereal. Have a nice day too!

Thanks once more for the encouragement