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RE: Without Words by Ravenking (Moods of the RK) (Raw) -(Original Track and Personal Message)

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Very interesting and respectable all your introduction. Your music can indeed be considered a mantra. Perhaps you are at the stage of self-realization, self-love and self-recognition. But you share your music (through social networks), so I propose you something: think that your music should also comfort those who listen to you, then you will start producing your mantras and we will all be filled with mysticism. A big greeting @ravenking13


@marcybetancourt thank you for your kind words I appreciate it! and also thank you for your little bit of advise it is definitely something I will consider, my other songs open up with a introduction of something to think about, I speak those sentences myself and they are mini-distillations of lessons I learned through my life.

It is the album Inner Planetarium, you can listen and get it for free here:

Wish you all the best,

Thank you very much for the link on the page!