“Mama,” by Wicked Dub Division / North East Ska*Jazz Orchestra … (Ska Jazz – Music to Your Ears–38)

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The lively mixture of ska, jazz, reggae, and dub music creates a glorious paean to the earth.

Wicked Dub Division / North East Ska *Jazz Orchestra – “Mama”

“Mama” (2017)

This joyous song celebrates the brilliant sounds and colors of our Mother Earth.

The lively mixture of ska, jazz, reggae, and dub music creates a glorious paean to this earth that we call home. The energetic music gets everyone on their feet – the members of both bands and the entire audience – dancing with joy and with abandon. 

Dance to the Silence

As the song nears it end, the electrified music stops, and the rhythm section fades out – leaving only the horn section. Then the horns fall silent.

In the coda, the peaceful, heavenly sound of a flute comes from … somewhere. The dancing ends, the hall becomes silent and still, and peace reigns in the soul of Mother Earth.

Wicked Dub Division

Wicked Dub Division has been performing with its current 4-member line-up since 2014, when the previous trio was joined by Michela Grena. The band has released 2 albums.

In 2015, Wicked Dub Division’s song “New Slavery”  won the “Critics Award”  in Amnesty International Italy’s “Voices for Freedom”  contest.   (Image source, WDD)

North East Ska *Jazz Orchestra

North East Ska*Jazz Orchestra was founded in 2012 in the northeast of Italy, to bring together many of the music professionals in the region who were performing Afro-American and Jamaican music.

The band released its debut EP in 2014, and its first LP was released in 2015.   (Image source, NES*JO)

O, Mama, let me see you light
O, my sweet Mother Earth, let me shine
Let me see your colours
Your big eyes

O, Mama your colours are bright
O, Mama, your colours are diamonds
In these your bad times

O, Mama, your colours are bright
O, Mama, your colours are diamonds
In these your bad times

O, Mama,
Whoa whoa whoa whoa, Mama
   [2x]   (Image source, WDD)

Green like your trees
Red like your heart
Gold like your flowers

Green like your plants
Red like your sunshine
I love your flowers

O Mama, your colours are bright
O Mama, your colours are diamonds
In these your bad times

O Mama,
Green like the trees
Red like the flower
Gold like the sun
Blue like the ocean

Green like the forest
Red like the heart
Blue like the sky
Red, gold and green.

Green ´cuz the trees are green, yes?
Red ´cuz the roses are red, yes?
Red, gold and green

O Mama, your colours are bright
O Mama, your colours are diamonds
In these your bad times
O Mama
Whoa whoa whoa whoa, Mama
   [2x]   (Image source, NES*JO)
Lyrics by Michela Grena, courtesy of Juan Carlos Elizondo – YouTube
Reference – RunItAgency.com
Reference – RunItAgency.com
Reference – YouTube.com
Reference – Wikipedia

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This is such cool music I have never heard of before @majes.tytyty. I am glad I chose this one to stopp by. I agree this is something to dance to and would make for a fun night :)

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Glad you like this tune. Neither had I heard it before, but I found it wonderful.
While making posts for this series, I come across so much new music that I'd never heard before.

Of course, much of it is simply crap, but other music such as this is great. One of the joys of making this new series is that I discover not only previously "hidden" facts about older artists, but also many previously "unknown" (be me) artists.

My Vocab-ability series is now done, so I have no need to stockpile Voting Power for those entries. I'll be glad to give your comments a bit of a boost.


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So, it's probably best if -- for any future Round 2 -- I change the intro and certain parts of the body.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Thanks for your posts, it's very interesting!

Thanks for this!!!

Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your posts

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