Outdoor Jam Season

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We were expecting rain and there was a little, but they moved the musicians into the double car garage and the show went on. The threat of rain still kept some people away. This is my first of two outdoor jams in two weeks and it's a birthday party. I love visiting these places outside the city and far enough away from neighbours that a little noise isn't a problem.


People had been dropping in and out throughout the day. There was a big semicircle of chairs facing the garage and one of two buffet tables nearby packed with food from the birthday girl's choice of theme, Italian.


No outdoor jam is complete without at least one furry friend, clearly not bothered by the music. His name is Leo and he was a rescue dog.

small guitar.JPG

This is my obligatory artsy photo.


As it got darker, I moved inside with the musicians. I didn't know more than a handful of people at this jam when I arrived and I didn't sing at it. Still, I was a little startled when someone recognized me from singing at the Gastropub last month. (I better get used to the recognition if I'm going to be a star! lol) And although I didn't mention it on Steemit, I have now sung for a 3rd time at that Gastropub and I'm working on my next song for early September.


Coming and going, there were probably 25 people I saw.

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Of course there was dancing.


At some point, the fire was lit and the diehards hung around it for awhile. Someone had the bright idea of bringing out slabs of veal parmigiana leftover from dinner and we held them in our hands and gobbled them down. By then, the clouds were gone and stars sparkled in the night sky.


There is something mesmerizing about fires.

smalleststylized keyboard.png


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Photos from my Canon SX620 HS.

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But the dog, apparently, was tired or bored of music :-)))

Dogs prefer you sing to them. I don't know what they think of guitar music. lol


It looks like a great party! Music, fires and food... And a dog. Good times! !Tip

Yes, these parties are great and I might even sing at one of the next ones. Thanks for the tip!

Oh, I hope you do!

Well, don't laugh but I started singing a couple of months ago.

Not laughing at all! I love to sing, but the older I get my voice requires solitude!

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Looks like a nice night out!
Outdoor music is somehow better...maybe it’s the sitting on the grass is more relaxing..

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Mostly everyone brings lawn chairs now and we had a bunch of plastic tables scattered around. The next two are bigger events that have been running a few years and where they have permanent outdoor stages with roofs. If the guys who back me up go, I might even sing -- and that will be a huge surprise to most.