5 Minute Jams

in #musiclast year

Putting some standard waffle over Bminor- G - A
The old Spear guitar keeps going out of tune too.

It's rather easy to make cool backing tracks by yourself.
Get yourself a looper, record a few chords then turn the volume down on the guitar to make the bass sound and away you go.
Cheers as always for the support.


What looper do you have? I bought a Boss RC-1 from a friend, but I also have loopers in other devices.

Nice playing. Never heard of Spear before.

Thanks man.
I have the Boss RC2 I bought 12 years ago. Still going solid!
A great pedal.
The guitar was given to me by an old friend. I had never heard of them either.
Have a good day Steevc :D

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