Isaria’s Weekly Hive Music Curation // Minnow Support Community Curation!

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Isaria’s Weekly Hive Music Curation // Minnow Support Community Curation!

As part of the Minnow Support Community Curation initiative, each week I curate 5 music posts using the @msp-curation and @minnowsupport accounts!

This week I've selected the following excellent musicians:
@hallmann, @zullyscott, @thetroublenotes, @soundlegion, and @melor9

5 Awesome Musicians!!

Śląskie Foggy Dew

Mis momentos de conexión con la música. "Canción para ti" de Frank Quintero. Cover de @zullyscott

May the Fourth Be With You

Bonnie Legion - Something in the Way by Nirvana (Acapella Cover)

De JC Calderón: "culpable o no" | | versión de @melor9

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