Isaria’s Weekly Hive Music Curation // Minnow Support Community Curation! // 250 Creative Coin Prize!

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Isaria’s Weekly Hive Music Curation // Minnow Support Community Curation! // 250 Creative Coin Prize!

As part of the Minnow Support Community Curation initiative, each week I curate 5 music posts using the @msp-music, @msp-curation, and @minnowsupport accounts!

Each musician will also receive 50 Creative Coin.

This week I've selected the following excellent musicians:
@kayclarity, @gulia.peito, @laputis, @grapthar, and @aleister

5 Awesome Musicians!!

"Eliot" - Kay Clarity | new original song in conversation with TS Eliot about a burning world

Night stars — My calm Trip-hop music for best dreams

Messe a l'Usage des Couvents: Premier Kyrie (Francois Couperin) @laputis

'2rackers' - New Original Music - Adding Some More Ideas to Yesterday's Song - Electronic/Insstrumental

Music production - Whales In Motion | @aleister

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Excellent initiative, @isaria. There is a lot of talent on this platform and among them are the musicians. Applause for you. Greetings.

Wait, so this sort of similar to openmic on steem? Or is this differnt? Cuz I be like wanting to cover some songs now and then.

It's not a's my weekly Minnow Support community curation 😊

Got it! Well, it's super awesome. Either way!

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Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! :)

Your work is excellent God multiply it greatly.

Hey girl! Long time! Thank you! xx!