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I think it's about time for a music post. Almost a year has past without me posting about music and that's pretty weird as I am a music addict and listen music every day. So this post was long due. Music, music, music.

Let me start with a weird one.

Shireen - So Human Of You

There's a bit of a Nordic folk music vibe there. A viking drum and a rhythm. Loving it! Shireen is from Netherlands and the band describes themselves as enigmatic Witchpop. And I think that pretty accurate description of their sound. Soft, strong and witchy.

Next one that is also at the same time soft and strong.

Bishop Briggs - Jekyll & Hide

The first 20 seconds are completely different than the rest of the song. If you had to guess where it goes, I bet you wouldn't. A bit of 80's synth sound in there too so a good mix with modern pop. And I love how she plays with her voice.

Talking about playing ones voice. Here's one.

PostmodernJukebox ft. Haley Reinhart - Lovefool (Cardigans Cover)

Haley Reinhart has such a captivating voice. The voice has beautiful cracks in just the right places. Her style of singing is wonderfully funny and playful. Swing and jazz at the same time.

But if you want to hear a darker tone and a beautiful but melancholic ballad with a jazzy voice, this is for you.

Paul Kelly, Vika Bull - My True Love Hath My Heart

Soft but strong. And a promise of rough tones also if needed. No wonder Vika was the lead singer in a show called At Last, The Etta James Story, back in 2018.

After swing and jazz, there has to be some funk too. Here's one of my favourites,
Janelle Monáe feat. Big Boi - Tightrope

Playful, young and and in my opinion, a bit of indy in it. But if you believe what it says in the Wikipedia, not only funk, her music is also labeled as Modern R&B, Hip hop and Psychedelic soul. And why wouldn't we believe it!

Have you watched the videos too or just listened to the songs?

Imelda May - It's Good To Be Alive

Some are weird and really psychedelic. Some on the other hand are like mini movies, funny short stories and pretty entertaining. And some are just flowing from one place to another. It's good to be alive!

Joy Crookes - Two Nights (DIY)

I knew we needed more of that 80's synth-pop-disco sound. Also fine and mellow, soft and tender.

Now for the last song let's change the genre altogether. I wonder what genre is missing? Classical heavy metal? Arabian acid? Oh, I know.

Buffy Sainte-Marie & Tanya Tagaq - You Got To Run (Spirit Of The Wind)

The chorus is really catchy. I can see in my eyes, the next time I'm on a grocery store line, with my headphones on and this song happens to play from my phone, I'm like: "You got to run, you got to run, hey haa, hey haa, heya haa heyaaa, haa haa hey hey heyaaaaa!" ...tramping the floor with my feet and waving my arms so that there soon is no line, just me.

Think I'll end this post with that image in your head.


It's good for you.

It will help you
cut in line.

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