8 Bits High - Something For Commodore 64 Nerds

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I could say that I was minding my own business in the library silence and these computer musicians came and I had no choice but to listen them. But then I'd be lying. I was there specifically for this band. 8 Bits High. A Commodore 64 electro music band from Finland, performing at Metso library, at Tampere 9.11.2019.

I didn't get the best parts of their music to my shaky video. But I found couple of their songs from YouTube, so be sure to listen the two songs below too. Or skip right to those songs.

8 Bits High

Love their nerdiness. Or geekiness. And the fact how different their music is compared to the music that is stuffed to my ears every day out there. Could have bought their LP or a cassette tape. But as I no longer have a record player and am not planing to buy one, and my cassette stereo player is lacking a crucial cord and it's packed away under all the other don't_need_this stuff, I decided to let other people buy the music they had for sale.

Nevertheless I like them!

And how they sound. :)

8 Bits High - Tolstoi Express

8 Bits High: Commodore Punk

8 Bits High gathering their gear and leaving.
Photos and video: Insaneworks



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😀 Thanks!

He that was awesome! I remember looking into it a couple of years ago, puzzled that the machine we sat next to while it copied data for ten minutes from a taperecorder was still in use.

I got the deranged coins thing working now... (hope that the five I just bought will give me another vote today!)

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Thanks! :)

Ah, floppy disks. Tape recorders. Copying a program from radio waves to a tape.

What amazed me with the 8 Bits High is that they started on time and never had any problems with the computers when playing. I never owned a commodore, I was too young back then. But my older sister had something. Not sure what it was, I only remember it had an X in it's name and that we sometimes taped programs from radio and half of the times they didn't work. Anyway, I've heard that commodore was pretty unstable to use. It didn't always start and got stuck or something. But the band had no problems.

It was crazy! And when we finally succeded we could play this:

We loved those sounds. It was magic.

Sooooooo familiar song. Thank goodness I figured out where I've heard it before.

Colonel Bogey March

Exactly :)

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I never had a Commodore 64 but I had an Amiga 500...I think the only music I could make with it would be the sound it made after I hit it with a sledge hammer.

That could be therapeutic. 😀

Yes, especially if it is someone else's computer! Lol.

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