'Weavings' - New Original Music - Playing Around w/ Yesterday's Creation - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 9.29.14 PM.png

I spent a little time messing around

Melda's Free AutoPitch, Used on Track 1
and adding some stuff to yesterday's idea; overall, I like the idea, but there are a few things here I don't dig, particularly the bass (maybe just the progression, the synth itself may be okay, we'll see), and the little C section (in RED in Track 1), which was supposed to be a little break from the repetition. The progression got a little too weird, so I think I'll tweak it just a little, and hopefully then it'll work out. I started with some changes to the existing tracks, and edited Track 1, the hi-hat-esque pattern, that had been effected by 'Weave'. I added Melda's Autopitch tool (sort of a free Autotune), and although it didn't autotune it particularly well, it did alter the timbre, which I liked, so I left it without tweaking the settings much. I also used Ableton's 'beat preserve' setting on the audio clips, chopping them up every 1/16th note, which made it a bit quieter, but also a little less awkward and weird, which I like better. Tracks 4, 5 and 6 were all in yesterday's version, and I left them mostly as is, except for that C section I mentioned before. The progression goes from an A, to C, to Bmin (basically Db, C, and B); I like the idea of having a Bmin here, since we're in Dmin and that's a really cool, slightly dissonant but dark and jazzy move, so I'll probably get rid of the chromatic part before, and find something leading to that Bmin that works better.

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 9.30.21 PM.png

Listen to Weavings here...

I added a few audio clips in Tracks 8, 12 and 14 which

Track 9, LABS Chiff Piano
are all used for a little transition out of that C section back to the top. I need to group these together, cause they're sort of just scattered wherever I decided to add them. Track 7 is just used at the end of each A and B part, and was supposed to just swell in gently, though I need to tweak the volume automation, and see if I still want it there, cause I don't love it now. Track 9 uses one of the effected pianos from Spitfire's LABS and adds a little 3 note line over each of the chord changes. Track 10 should be grouped with 4, 5 and 6, cause it just adds more layers to those changes. Track 11 is the bass synth, which I wanted to never play on the 1 of any bar, though this progression is pretty weak, so I want to find something cooler that fits with what's happening on top of it a bit more. Track 13 uses one of the new ROLI 'Cinematic Impact' sounds, adding a sort of impact/cymbal crash over the 1st A section in each half of the song. Finally, we have Track 15, which uses the 'Brassy Monster' from that same ROLI pack; I added the built-in Fragments delay, and played around with the two settings, which creates some cool, bendy little sounds at the end of each 8 bar section. I like the direction here, but I need to tweak a lot of things, fix some levels, pan a bunch of stuff... it feels a bi crowded at times, then empty at others, so I'll keep playing around and see where it goes!