'Warpoff' - New Original Music - Another Cool Idea, Rough Draft - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This is another idea that sort of

Track 5, Purple Section
followed the same pattern as yesterday's tune, using a glitchy, weird Serum bass, and quite a few layers of drums, along with a couple of other small additions. I started with the bass, which was recorded to Track 1. Pictured below is the intro, which I warped quite a bit, before it moves into the repetition that continues for the rest of the track. Track 2 just provides the quick drum, which plays a kick on each 1/4 note beat. Track 3 provides the first of two snares, which hits on the 2, and just before the 4. Track 4 provides hihats and little bell sounds. Track 6 is also a drum track, which adds multiple snares and claps, which are quieter than the first one in Track 3, but add some 1/16th note fills in spots which turned out to be a cool effect.

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Track 1, Warped Intro

Listen to Warpoff here...

Track 5 provides some VERY basic harmonies, beginning

Track 10, Quick Beep
with two note dyads in the Green section, then moving to the part pictured to the right of the first paragraph above. Track 7 is only used for the two breaks, and adds a bit of a crescendo as we move back into the main section. I used a very digitized, glitchy sample and reversed and resized it a bit. Track 8 came from a second Serum synth, which adds a sort of 'melody' part (I guess 'lead' might be more accurate), which definitely adds to the glitchy weirdness throughout. Track 9 sort of fills in the gaps in Track 8 with little clips, all of which are from some free packs I downloaded a while back which have 100s of short, glitchy sounds. Finally, we have Track 10, which is another Serum track, which just adds a single beepy fill, pictured to the left here. I forgot to record this into an audio track, but fortunately it wasn't too complicated so I can make it again.