'Warpings' - New Original Music - A Completely Re-Done Version of Yesterday's Song: Stranger, More Dissonant, Much Cooler - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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So, after four days, this song has finally

begun to sound worthy of what I envisioned when I first started it. After trying more diatonic ideas, I decided last night to completely abandon it, and this is the result thus far. I took almost EVERY track that followed the chord progression (the i, Vi, iv), and just deleted them, leaving only the drums and a couple of the bass tracks. As you can see in the overview above, Tracks 2 and 3 (grouped together) remained from yesterday's version, though I edited Track 3 so it now just hits the same note constantly. Track 2 sticks to to the same progression, though I dropped the volume a little, and I think it fits now as just another percussive element, instead of a bass part.

Screen Shot 20201022 at 9.46.54 PM.png

Track 16, Massive Chromatic Line

Listen to Warpings here...

Tracks 10 and 11 are also bass parts, with Track 11 adding

Track 15, OTT Compression + Autopan
a new bass synth, which I made in Serum. The velocity was linked to the FM Warp on the synth, so I got a lot of different tones out of this single synth, including some really weird, glitchy, digital bleeps and bloops. Track 10 was recorded from the Erosion Return Track, just recording the distorted, hissy elements of Track 11, so I could turn that up a bit. This provides that super liquidy, almost farty (lol) sound, which I love. It has a super wide sound that really was much better than intended. Tracks 12, 13 and 14 are just used for transitions, and mostly work as intended, though the swell at the beginning needs to be corrected a bit. Track 15 provides a sort of lead line, also from a Serum synth I made, which gets pretty weird and warped, and definitely makes the song in my opinion. Finally, we have Track 16, which plays a constantly descending chromatic line, but is heavily gated and sidechained to the farty bass in Track 10, which made for a cool little effect in the breaks.

Hope you like this much weirder, much more interesting version of the tune! Thanks for listening!

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