'ValHal' - New Original Music - Playing w/ Valhalla Supermassive - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This started out as just a little experiment

Track 1, Super effected LABS 'Tape Piano'
using Valhalla's 'Supermassive' delay plug-in, but as I added more layers, it got pretty cool, so I rolled with it, and this is the result, at least thus far. It seems like very few tracks, but a lot of them are LABS synths, which have all kinds of layers and craziness happening. Tracks 2 and 3 both play the same progression, just copy-pasta'd to avoid a jagged cutoff when it repeats, which used one of the 'Textural Pads' from LABS, along with the Supermassive effect. Supermassive has a cool 'warp' setting which, when turned down low, allows you to create delay-like effects, but when you turn it up, it smears the delays into basically a reverb. The basic progression moved between Dmin to Bb, or Dmin to F, or a third option C to Bb, but with quite a few extensions (mostly 7ths and 9ths). With the Supermassive, it made for a really spacious, solid base to build things around. Track 1 uses the 'Tape Piano' from LABS, with a whole bunch of stuff on it (Weave, Raum Reverb, Supermassive); this piano mostly outlines the chords with dyads, though with the effects, it sort of fades in and out, occasionally accenting some swells with that 1/32nd note line pictured in the progression to the right here. I initially had the Weave effect adding a tape distortion, but it was WAY too hissy, so I decided to just drop that, which was a good call.

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 9.46.01 PM.png

Track 5, Iris2 Bass Synth

Listen to ValHal here...

Track 4 provides the distorted, sort of screamy sound

Track 4, LABS 'Lap Steel: Resonance Chaos
which is actually one of the 'Lap Steel' LABS instruments. This just plays a single note line, some of which is pictured to the left here. Track 5 uses an Iris2 bass synth, playing the line pictured in the middle of this post. It's not super obvious at points, but at others cuts through nicely, an effect that was accidental, but worked well. Track 6 was another Iris2 synth, with a Portal effect (one of the delay presets). It just played little 3 note 'melodies' which, with the delay, repeat in higher and higher octaves. I wound recording this to audio and warping the repeats to fit on beat a little better, though the general rhythm is sort of floaty and not super obvious, so probably was an unnecessary tweak. Finally, we have Track 7, one of the 'London Atmos' LABS instruments, which just sticks to chord tones, adding an extra layer of harmony over the second half of the tune.

Hope you enjoy the tune!

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