'Vaital' - New Original Music - Just Playing Around w/ a New Free Synth: Vital - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I was watching a new Youtube video

Tracks 1 and 2, stacked together
from Andrew Huang where he documented a whole bunch of free synths and effect plug-ins, and, although I already had a number of them, there were quite a few that I didn't know about, and have since downloaded. This isn't a song idea really, although I do kind of like the general idea, but was more just for playing around with one of the free synths mentioned in the video, Vital, which you can check out and download by clicking on the link. It has a lot of great presets right out of the box, which are what I used here generally, although in a few cases, I turned off some of the layers of oscillators to focus on a single sound or sample. As you can see below, it also has a great interface, and, if you wanted, could be an incredible resource for making your own synths and sounds, as it has all of the functionality of some more expensive synthesizer engines.

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Listen to Vaital here...

I started with Track 1 which provides the string-esque

Tracks 3 and 4, stacked together
sounds in the low-end, and was sort of a bassline that I used to just map out some root notes. We're in Bmin, although when I started adding other layers, there wound up being some chord substitutions (as those synths had harmonies built in), specifically an Emajor and F#major chord. Track 2 had 3 oscillator layers and the sample layer stacked together, but I wound up muting the 3 oscillators, and instead just playing around with the sample, which is a sort of music box/toy piano sound that provides almost random little accents throughout. Track 3 is where the substitutions came from, as each single note hit plays a little spread voicing major chord, so over Bminor, I just had this play a D, creating a Bmin7. Finally we have Track 4 which is that 80s, round sort of synth sound, which just accents root notes at certain points.

always good to see and listen to stuff like this!

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thanks for checking it out!

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