'Twitch' - New Original Music - Creating Wild Sounds w/ Google's 'Timbre Transfer' - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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The other day, I was watching a video

Instrument Selection on Timbre Transfer
from YouTuber Andrew Huang, in which he explored a new Google AI called 'Tone Transfer' (originally Timbre Transfer), which lets you import (or record) audio, and turn it into a different instrument! There are two versions, the original Timbre Transfer page, which is a little more complicated (honestly worth it, as you can upload ANY length audio), and the new Tone Transfer page (15 second max), which looks slicker, and is more for short, fun things. If you use a single sound/voice/instrument, it does surprisingly well at converting it into a new instrument, which is pretty crazy. However, you can also upload more complex musical ideas (or entire songs), and get some REALLY weird and awesome stuff. I did that here, taking a song idea I had shared a few days ago, and uploading the entire song to the original Timbre Transfer, and morphing it into a single trumpet.

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Timbre Transfer, Example of Audio Being Mapped Out

Listen to Twitch here...

Because there is so much more information in a whole song

Cassette Transport Tool
compared to an individual instrument, it created a really wild, glitchy, trumpet-esque sound, which I layered on top of this track. I think the spastic drum pattern really works with this. the trumpet does accent the most important harmonic changes (moving from Dminor, to Bminor, to Ebminor), and in between adding a bunch of wild, rhythmic stuff. I also made sure this version of the song used the Cassette Transport tool correctly, as the previous version was too slow stopping and starting. Now that I corrected those parts, I'm not sure how much I love the effect, so I'll probably remove it, lol. However, this post is really just about the Timbre/Tone Transfer tool, and not this song in particular. I also experimented with this tool on two other songs, one of which the entire track was morphed into a single flute, and the other, just a single synth line so I could just use it over certain parts. It's an AWESOME tool, and I highly recommend trying it out, if only just for fun.

Hope you enjoy the Timbre/Tone Transfer weirdness! Thanks for listening!

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