'Textshure' - New Original Music - A 7 Minute Timed Writing Challenge - Electronic/Ambient/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I didn't have a lot of free time yesterday,

Track 3, B Section
but I was a bit bored while waiting arounda t home, so I decided to try out a 7 minute songwriting challenge, and see what I could create. I decided to try and stick with LABS instruments, as they're easy to access and edit relatively quickly. I wound up with 5 tracks, one of which I bounced to audio so it wouldn't vary each time through. The basic progression is made up of 2 parts, A (Yellow in Track 1) and B (Purple in Track 1). The A section begins on our tonic of Cminor, to a Cmin7, then Gmin, Abmaj7, and Gmin, before repeating. The B section begins on an Fmajor, then moves up to an Ab, and back down again, repeating 4x. Track 1 provides one of the 'textural pads' that I've used here, which handles some root notes, and a few other chord tones.

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Track 1, A Section

Listen to Textshure here...

Track 2 is the one bounced to audio clips, which provides

Track 4, A Part
full chords in the A section. I actually started with this track, and added everything else around it. Track 3 is just used for the B part, and provides another Textural Pad sound. Track 4 comes in halfway into the first A part, and continues for the rest of the track. It adds some more chord tones in higher registers, but also provides our bass part, pictured (partly) to the left here. Finally, we have Track 5 which is only used over the 2nd half of each A section, and provides a final texture, which again, hits root notes, but has some other movement with mostly chord tones.

Enjoy the results of this timed challenge, and thanks for listening!

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