'So Much Feeling' - Original Music - A Throwback Tune from a Couple Years Ago - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I didn't have anything particularly

interesting to share today, and its been quite a while since I shared a throwback tune, so i figured this would be a good change of pace. I really should work on some of the various ideas I have saved tonight, so hopefully I'll have something cool to share to tomorrow. When I first started writing songs in Ableton, I was working on them on my friend/neighbor's laptop for a long time, before downloading my own copy and beginning to learn about the DAW on my own. Neither of us knew very much about mixing/utilizing a DAW, though my friend was taking some production courses, so I relied pretty heavily on him to do anything technical that didn't involve actual writing of tunes.

Listen to So Much Feeling here...

This song is from a series of

probably six or seven songs that, at the time, we were convinced were SO good. Compared to a lot of the earlier tunes, they wre definitely better, but we did very little in the way of mixing, and nothing for actual mastering, so when I go back and listen to these, I always notice strange volume discrepancies and little things that would be really obvious and easy to fix now. We also had no real idea how to use compressors, noise gates, or EQ's beyond basic low-pass and hi-pass functions. I would love to be able to revisit a lot of these older tracks, and mix them with all the new tools I have access to now. I was thinking of contacting my friend and seeing if he could send me some of the old session files and try to work with them. If I'm able to do this, I'll be sure to share some updates of the process here, as that would be a lot of fun.

Hope you enjoy today's throwback tune!

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