'Singsung' - New Original Music - Playing Around w/ Vocal Samples - Electronic/Pop/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This is another random tune

Track 3, Vocal Sample 1
which turned out much better than I anticipated. It's pretty far from finished, but considering it came about totally randomly over the course of a half hour, I think it's a solid start. I almost never use samples/loops, except for drum one-shots to build kits and such, but lately I've been exploring them a bit more, and decided to try some vocal samples here. Some of them already had the slight chipmunk effect (just pushed up an octave or two), and others I tweaked to fit that vibe. I think it actually sounds like a reasonable demo of a pop song, something I'm definitely not great at, and don't really practice, haha. But, this kind of makes me want to try delving into that world a little more, as it was surprisingly fun to create.

Screen Shot 20200729 at 9.45.36 PM.png

Track 1, Chords

Listen to Singsung here...

Track plays the basic chord progression, which initially

Track 16, Synth Melody
has a chord stab on all the downbeats, but when the drums come in, these change to all upbeats, before returning to downbeats in the break. The progression begins on Emin, to Esus4, to a C7 and down to B7, before repeating. Track 2 provides a basic, subby bassline, which plays root notes over the Emin, Esus4, and the B7, leaving a blank spot in the low-end under the C7. Tracks 3 and 4 add the vocal samples, with Track 3 providing a combination of various chipmunk-y sounds, and Track 4 a rhythmic sort of thing, which I tweaked to harmonize with the chords. Tracks 5 add a buzzy synth, sort of filling the low-mid range, and Track 6 doubles Track 1's chords, but with a more '80s sounding synth. Tracks 7-12 are the drums, all of which add a hit or two. Tracks 13-15 add some little transitional sounds, and finally, we have Track 16 which plays the melody line pictured to the left of this paragraph.

Hope you enjoy the idea! Thanks for listening!

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