'Sillychilly' - New Original Music - Just Another 20 Minute Timed Challenge/Practice Session - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I didn't have a lot of time last

Track 3, Bass Synth
night and figured I'd just see what I could create in 20 minutes. I will admit that I picked out the keys (Track 1 ) and bass (Track 3) sounds before hand, but only cause I was actually writing something else, which I just cleared out cause I hated it, lol. This is kind of a goofy song, and the drums are pretty weak, but I didn't leave a lot of time for those at the end. I think if I maybe focused on the pattern a bit more, and expanded the sounds used for the harmonies, it might be pretty cool. I do really like the progression in the Yellow Section (pictured below) in Track 1, so I may take that, and try and build up from scratch around that. The Pink sections in Track 1 are sort of little breaks, where the drum rhythm originally cut out, though I eventually added some hits with the Kontakt kit towards the end... not sure if I like those additions, but gotta leave whatever is there when the clock runs out.

Screen Shot 20200725 at 9.39.18 PM.png

Track 1, Yellow Section, Main Chords

Listen to Sillychilly here...

Track 2 adds a 'Pluck' synth from the Strobe2 library over

Track 7, Chords w/ LFO Tool
the Pink sections, which alters the harmonies of the second chord, making it a major 2 instead of the ii. Track 3 is the bass, which mostly sticks to root notes, and uses a heavy, distorted synth. The combination of this with Track 1 is what I really like here, so those two things will make the cut if I take these ideas to a new song. Tracks 4, 5 and 6 are the drums, with Track 6 adding the Kontakt drums. I don't love these sounds, but again, I didn't spend a lot of time on these. Track 7 adds the chords from Track 1 with a different synth, and Xfer's LFOTool on top, giving them that 1/4 note sidechain compression effect. Finally we have Track 8, a random last minute melody line, which I dislike entirely, haha.

Hope you enjoy the results! If I take some of these ideas and turn them into something better, I'll be sure to update here!

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